Free places where you can advertise jobs in science communication – UK focus, #scicomm

Most of the posts on this blog are aimed at jobseekers, with either job adverts or information about places to find out about jobs in science communication. This post is aimed squarely at employers and recruiters.

I’m sending a copy of the email below to various medical research charities to encourage them to share relevant job ads on the psci-com list (which I run) but anyone that employs science communicators can advertise freely on psci-com – as long as the job ad satisfies certain criteria. Just ignore the bits that talk about charities if you aren’t one 🙂

Free places to post (or find!) science communication job adverts
ABSW – Association of British Science Writers
BIG Stem Communicators Network – formerly the British Interactive Group
• LinkedIn – there are various groups, as well as your own charity page
• Medical Journalists’ Association (contact)
• psci-com (Jiscmail mailing list) <– the subject of my email to medical charity employers, copy below
• SciCommOps (jobs announcement newsletter)
• Science Communication Jobs (Facebook)
Stempra – STEM PR Associations
• Twitter – add #Scicomm Jobs to the tweet to increase reach


Your charity can post science communication job adverts to psci-com, free – please email relevant job ads to

I own and run psci-com, a UK-based mailing list for science communication professionals hosted on Jiscmail, each message also goes to Twitter. The list has been in existence since at least 1998 and I took it over in 2012. Currently there are 4,700+ email subscribers from all over the world (predominantly UK with a large number in London). It’s free (for anyone) to post job adverts there that are about public engagement with science or general science communication (‘scicomm’) for a non-technical audience.

If you have a job vacancy in which the post holder would be producing scientific content (written, spoken, video, infographics – anything) for a public audience then you can post it to the psci-com list at no cost. You can send jobs to me at and if suitable I’ll forward them for you. Jobs that involve producing scientific content aimed only at researchers or healthcare professionals are outside psci-com’s remit.

Job adverts for psci-com must

  • include an explicit salary or range (actual numbers, not ‘competitive’) – psci-com supports the Show The Salary campaign
  • include available / maximum budget information if the job advert is aksing freelancers to bid for work
  • be clearly relevant to ‘the public’ as an audience (the job doesn’t need to be solely about public engagement, but must include it), this includes patients and patient involvement in research
  • be relevant to science, medicine, technology
  • include location information (during Covid where people work remotely please consider whether people can apply from outside UK, or do they need to prove eligibility to work in the UK?)

And of course all the usual things like closing date, how to apply, who to contact for informal chats and links to job descriptions / person specifications etc.

Although I now work in academia my background was as a Science Information Officer at Diabetes UK (2003-2012), a job that I found advertised on their website. It wasn’t ‘badged’ as a science communication job and I’m keen for medical research and patient charities to categorise their relevant job ads in that way, and get them under the eyes of scicomm professionals.

Also, if doesn’t automatically redirect to wherever you’ve placed your vacancies page please consider asking your IT people to set that up. This can save people searching on your website for jobs, careers, opportunities, work for us, work with us, recruitment, vacancies etc.

Thank you very much, please send me your (relevant) job ads 🙂

Best wishes
(psci-com owner)


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Other resources for finding science communication jobs – March 2019

This is a copy of an email sent to the psci-com mailing list for people interested in science communication and public engagement with science. It lists some ways of finding out about jobs in scicomm.

1. List of London-heavy ‘places where science communicators might work’
2. More global versions
3. Different types of science communication jobs
4. Other mailing lists and jobs boards
5. Gov.UK resource
6. Misc

Some general good advice from Amanda Freise at BiteSizBio on Getting started with a job in science communication

“It can also be tricky to actually find job openings, as positions often have vague or obscure names; for example, I once saw a job advert that was seeking a person to develop a science outreach program that was simply titled “Project Manager”. So you may need to put in time to carefully sift through job descriptions.”

1. List of London-heavy ‘places where science communicators might work’
As you may know I enjoy collecting vacancies pages of any organisation that might employ science communicators and am in the process of updating my ancient 2009 post which lists many in London. I also gave a ‘how to’ talk about science communcation jobs a couple of years ago at BIG.

2. More global versions
A while ago I copied info from the above list into a Google spreadsheet and asked people to add to it, it’s editable. There’s a fantastic Facebook group for science communication jobs (you need to join to see it). I hear from others that LinkedIn can be very good, with recruiters coming to you to apply for things. It has a page tagged with science communication jobs but not all of them are in the strictest sense.

3. Different types of science communication jobs
Partly inspired by’s pages on “What (jobs) can I do with a [science] degree?” which didn’t really mention that much scicomm beyond science writing I thought I’d have a go at a version of What jobs do science communicators do?. The sector is so huge I think it’s impossible to do it justice!

4. Other mailing lists and jobs boards
ABSW (Association of British Science Writers), BIG Stem Communicators Network jobs board, Stempra – Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths / Medicine PR Association, NCCPE‘s Public Engagement Network (mailing list), also has a page tagged with Science Communication Jobs, PCST (Public Communication of Science and Technology) network. Also @ScicommJobs and blog.

5. Gov.UK resource
The GOV.UK website has a list of all of its departments, agencies and public bodies, of course some are quite sciencey!

In the page each listing is linked to its own website but I think most of the jobs are also advertised centrally via the Civil Service Jobs page. You can search by location and salary, restrict the search to individual or multiple organisations and also, if you know the job ref, by job reference.

A couple of jobs that might interest the list –

Care Quality Commission
Senior Media Officer
Closing date: 17 Mar 2019
Job ref: 1623793, £42,121, LONDON

Office for National Statistics
Senior Media Officer – Data and Corporate
Closing date: 17 Mar 2019
Job ref: 1620000, £35k (FAREHAM or NEWPORT, GWENT) or £36k (LONDON)

6. Misc
Wikiversity has a page on science communication in the UK
Wikipedia has a Science communication page

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[Job, Copenhagen] Uni of Copenhagen, Strategic Communication Officer, clos 12 April

University of Copenhagen / Københavns Universitet

Strategic Communication Officer

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Copenhagen

We are looking for a highly motivated and independent Strategic Communication Officer to develop and implement a communication strategy for the Center to commence as soon as possible.

Our research
The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) was established in 2010 to conduct fundamental research on metabolism. It is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The Center has around 200 employees from all over the world. We moved into new laboratories, offices and meeting rooms in the Maersk Tower in summer 2017. You can read more about us at

Medical Museion is a university medical museum combined with an interdisciplinary research group, working together to engage diverse audiences with health and medical sciences in their cultural, historical, and philosophical context. CBMR’s scientific research touches on fundamental questions about human nature; and Medical Museion’s starting point is that metabolic research is an integral part of our culture and common history. We produce exhibitions, events, and online communication; continue to expand the museum’s collections, and support communication training and public debate.

Your job
The Strategic Communication Officer will develop and implement a communication strategy for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), in dialogue with the Center’s Program for Metabolic Science in Culture based at Medical Museion, and in co-operation with the Faculty’s communication team.

The candidate will be responsible for promoting knowledge of the Center in an international context, with a focus on the scientific world but also collaborating with the Faculty’s communication team and Medical Museion to bring Center science and scientists into the public sphere.

Developing an effective communication strategy will require getting to know the Center’s research areas and building relationships with both senior and junior scientists, helping to cultivate an internal Center identity that also looks outward towards societal participation. The role will also be involved in internal communication, helping to build a thoroughly integrated Center with meaningful connections between programs, platforms etc.

The Strategic Communication Officer will thus sit part-time in the Center administration, and part-time at Medical Museion as part of a wider multimedia communications team. All members of this team need to combine daily maintenance of a communication environment with innovative, creative thinking about future strategy. Flexibility and collaboration are thus central.


  • Strategic: Develop an evolving strategic communication plan for CBMR, in an international context
  • International promotion: Promote international knowledge of CBMR, in part through developing website content about the scientists and ongoing work of the Center
  • Center branding: Work with Center leadership to build on the existing mission statement and branding, grounded in the interdisciplinary synergy at the heart of the Center. This branding work will also be connected to Medical Museion’s own public-facing brand
  • Internal identity and communications: Develop internal communications that transmit this vision of the Center, promoting a strong sense of internal identity; and further work with Center scientists and the administration to install an open, collaborative and ideas-led culture
  • Connect scientists to public contexts: Develop knowledge of the Center programs and scientists, keeping track of upcoming research with media relevance and scientists with communication skills. Work with Center scientists to promote conferences & other events, exploring innovative opportunities for media coverage and ‘public aspects’
  • Training and nurturing: Survey Center needs & aspirations for public communication and work with Faculty’s communications team to develop training
  • Editing and writing: Assist with text editing and writing for internal and external communications of all kinds, working closely with Center and Program leadership

We expect that you have run strategic communication projects, and worked to promote institutional identity and outputs. This could be from a scientific research centre or university, but might also be from the industry, funding bodies, publishers, or similar. You should have experience/interests in both biological sciences, and in science communication. This role does not initially involve line-managing other staff, rather it requires the ability to make connections, collaborate effectively with an interdisciplinary communications team, and guide scientists in their communication on an international stage.

Selection criteria

  • Experience in strategic communication is a must, preferably in research environment
  • Experience with using communications to build external brands and/or internal identity
  • Ability to write and edit effective texts, for ranges of audiences with varying expertise. Interest or experience in other communication media such as podcasting or photography is a bonus
  • An undergraduate degree or a master in biology or biomedical science is desired, though similar knowledge could be demonstrated through experience. Above all, you must have the curiosity and ability to continue to learn about metabolic science and understand the work of Center scientists
  • Excellent networking, and presentation skills
  • Great people skills
  • Native or academic-level English, and international experience

Place of employment
The place of employment is the Center Administration, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, Maersk Tower, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. We offer creative and stimulating working conditions in a dynamic and international research environment.

Terms of salary and employment
The employment as “Strategic Communication Officer“(AC-TAP AS) is a full time and permanent position. Starting is as soon as possible or after agreement. Employment will be in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). The monthly salary will be based on the number of years of work experience (seniority) with the possibility to negotiate a salary supplement based on prior experiences and qualifications.

For further questions about the job description and qualifications, please contact Head of Administration Helle Hald at, or Associate Professor Louise Whiteley at For questions regarding the recruitment procedure, please contact SUND HR CBMR at

Your application in English should include:

  • Motivation letter (max one page)
  • Curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)
  • List of publications
  • A certified/signed copy of certificate(s) of education

Please submit your application by clicking on the red “Apply” button on the right hand side of the vacancy page (linked above) or go here. Only online applications will be accepted.

Application deadline: 12 April 2019 at 23.59 CET.

We reserve the right not to consider material received after the deadline, and not to consider applications that do not live up to the abovementioned requirements.

The University of Copenhagen wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

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[Job, London] Malaria Consortium, Publications Officer, £25.3k, clos 7 Mar 2019

Malaria Consortium logo

Malaria Consortium
Publications Officer

Job description (doc): JD Publications Officer

Malaria Consortium is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations specialising in the prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases  among vulnerable populations. We have increasingly found our work on malaria can be effectively integrated with similar public health interventions for greater impact and have therefore expanded our remit to include child health and  neglected tropical disease interventions.

Posted: 21/02/2019 16:31
Salary: £25,390
Location: UK
Level: Communications
Deadline: 07/03/2019 23:59
Hours: 35.00
Benefits: Pension & UK Package
Job Type: Indefinite

Malaria Consortium is recruiting for a Publications Officer to join our team in London.

The Publications Officer will be responsible for supporting and managing high quality publication activities to increase the organisation’s profile and communicate evidence and learning. This is a critical editorial and publishing role in the organisation, requiring excellent grammar, outstanding writing skills and an ability to communicate technical content to a variety of audiences.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Degree in Journalism, Publishing or similar field, or equivalent work experience
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Experience and confidence communicating technical content (i.e. quantitative and qualitative research findings) to a range of audiences (including non-technical stakeholders), distilling into simple and accessible language and messages.
  • Prior experience and strong interest in editorial processes, in-house publications production, and multichannel publications dissemination
  • Good understanding of communications, social media and marketing principles for engaging external audiences
  • Knowledge of global health issues, especially malaria and other communicable disease control, prevention and treatment mechanisms



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[Job, Cardiff] Action on Hearing Loss, Head of Media, Communications & Public Affairs, £33k #scicomm jobs, clos 7 Mar (Welsh lang)

Logo for Action on Hearing Loss with charity name in bold blue text accompanied by a segment of a sixth of concentric rings in pink, indicating volume

Action on Hearing Loss
HQ2784 – Head of Media, Communications, and Public Affairs

I’ve just included the job and person spec below, please see the link for other relevant info – Jo. Note that ability to communicate in Welsh is essential. The ‘apply now’ link on the vacancy page itself can be found below the HQ2784 bit.

Where to click 'Apply now' for this vacancy

Spot the Apply Now bit 🙂

Posted: 28/02/2019 17:04
Salary: £33,000 per annum
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Level: Head of department

Deadline: 07/03/2019 23:59
Hours: 35.00
Benefits: Excellent
Job Type: Fixed Term

To ensure Action on Hearing Loss extends its reach and impact in Wales, through the delivery and development high-impact campaigns and communications strategies to meet the needs of people who are deaf, have hearing loss and tinnitus.

The primary focus for this 3 month role will be ensuring the successful delivery of our Excellence Wales Awards and increasing our profile in Wales across a range of media outlets.

In discussion with the Director you will also lead our communications and campaigns work: to ensure that key messages are communicated effectively, so that people who are deaf, have hearing loss and tinnitus are aware of our services, and ensuring our campaign work influences policy and practice throughout Wales.

Interview date: To be confirmed

Job Description

Overall Purpose of the Role:

  • To raise the profile of the Action on Hearing Loss brand developing and delivering external engagement in Wales that extends our impact and reach in line with key influencing objectives.
  • To lead in the delivery and implementation ofour external communications and campaigns activity in line with agreed targets, and our values and behaviours
  • To develop Action on Hearing Loss Cymru’s social media presence, to include Facebook, Twitter, blogs, website and other opportunities to be identified.
  • To develop Action on Hearing Loss Cymru’s broadcast and print media profile, including relationships with key journalists and monitoring and reporting on media performance.
  • To conduct media interviews in Welsh and act as the organisations welsh language spokesperson
  • To ensure that Welsh policy and legislation developments are monitored and responded to as a way of delivering Action on Hearing Loss objectives.
  • To develop and deliver external communications strategies for all relevant campaigns in Wales
  • To actively participate in the Cymru Senior Management Team, analysing potential risks and opportunities in the external operating environment alongside internal reports to ensure that we can deliver on our goals and objectives.
  • To work collaboratively with country and UK colleagues, develop national and local relationships that deliver our strategic aims, increasing our impact and service reach, with devolved government, statutory bodies, funders and other key partners
  • To work with colleagues to identify cross-directorate business opportunities to integrate with our local engagement activity, ensuring we are deriving maximum impact from our local activities.
  • To build Action on Hearing Loss Cymru’s membership and actively engage with Welsh members and our wider networks of supporters and volunteers to deliver our campaigns and communications work.
  • To actively participate in project management discussions and undertake monthly and quarterly analysis of stakeholder engagement, budget management and timelines for key events such as the Excellence Wales Awards ensuring that timely corrective action is taken to achieve annual targets.
  • To ensure that quality assurance frameworks and success criteria are in place for all activities.
  • To monitor and evaluate all activity with evidence of reach, impact and outcomes.
  • To deputise for Director as appropriate at national forums and represent Wales where appropriate in cross-directorate organisational working teams.
  • To complete any other duties and responsibilities when requested, which are commensurate with this role.



Person specification:

Essential Desirable
  • Excellent communication skills; both verbal and written
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Ability to plan and prioritise workload, meet deadlines, and manage own time effectively
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and with attention to detail.
  • Ability to build and maintain good relationships with stakeholders, both internal and external (e.g. volunteers, the media, Assembly Members, and public servants)
  • IT skills with the ability to use Microsoft Office including Word, Outlook and Powerpoint
  • Ability to communicate in the Welsh language
  • Qualification in a relevant discipline, e.g. PR / Marketing / Journalism / English / Digital communications
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of current and emerging communications techniques and technologies, including digital.
  • Professional experience of working in a communications role
  • Experience of successfully using social media platforms, blogs and online content management systems
  • Experience of developing social media strategies
  • Experience of delivering against set targets, objectives and strategic plans
  • Experience of working with the media
  • Experience of working with the devolved administrations and establishing positive relationships with elected representatives
  • Experience of developing key messages within a public affairs and campaigns portfolio
  • Experience of using digital design tools such as Photoshop, PDF and In Design

Values and Behaviours

We have 3 core values at Action on Hearing Loss: People, Passion, Partnership.

They reflect what we are like at our best and what we aim to be more like, more of the time.

They guide how we act, behave towards others and go about our day to day work.


  • We treat people with warmth, dignity and respect.
  • We show kindness, care and understanding.
  • We treat people how we would like to be treated.


  • We work with enthusiasm and energy.
  • We strive for high standards and always try to do our best.
  • We innovate, take risks and try new things.


  • We listen carefully to others and try hard to understand.
  • We share insights, ideas and resources.
  • We act with integrity, building trust.
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[Job, London] Royal College of Pathologists, Events Coordinator, £29.7k, clos 4 Feb 2019

Royal College of Pathologists
Events Coordinator

Full time, 35 hours per week
£29,768 per annum

Info pack / job description

We are looking for an experienced Events Coordinator to deliver academic and professional development events for medical professionals.

The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and delivering events from start to finish, working closely with a lead pathologist responsible for each event. The role involves:

  • event planning, administration and delivery
  • delegate booking and registration
  • support for speakers
  • sourcing and managing suppliers
  • event promotion
  • budget management
  • event evaluation.

The successful candidate will be an experienced events coordinator, with a successful track record of delivering events, conferences and meetings, providing high quality customer service, and have a positive approach to problem solving.  The role will involve some travel to events across the UK.

Benefits include 25 days annual leave per annum plus bank holidays, rising with length of service, a defined benefit company pension scheme, and an employee discount scheme.

The Royal College of Pathologists is a professional membership organisation with over 11,000 members who are doctors and scientists working in hospitals, universities and laboratories in the UK and overseas.  Pathology is at the heart of modern healthcare.  Pathologists work to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor diseases and are involved in the diagnosis of disorders affecting every organ of the body, from before birth to after death. The majority of tests requested by doctors will be performed and interpreted by a clinical scientist or medically qualified pathologist.

The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 4 February 2019.
Interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 12 February.

The College values diversity and welcomes applications from all members of society.

For further information and to apply for the role, please download the information pack, and return your completed application form to [Application form is on the website but I’ve not saved a copy of it – Jo]


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[Job, London] Royal Coll Physicians, Dir Comms, Policy & Research, £72.3-80.3k, clos 10 Feb 2019

Royal College of Physicans
Director of Communications, Policy and Research – ref COM197

Permanent link to Job Description and Person Specification below – Jo.

Salary: £72,328 – £80,364 per annum
Location: London
Level: Management

Deadline: 10/02/2019 23:59
Hours: 35
Job Type: Full Time

For this role appointments are usually made at c£75,000 – £80,000 per annum.

Full Time, Permanent

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has an exciting opportunity for a senior individual to lead a dynamic team and contribute to the delivery and achievement of the College’s ambitious strategy.

The director for communications, policy and research works closely with the president, chief executive and academic vice president and other senior officers/executive directors to deliver the programme of work under theme four of the RCP’s five theme strategy – ‘we will shape the future of health and healthcare.’ It is by definition a make a difference role, enabling the voice of the patient and physician to heard through influence and policy shaping.

About the Role
This is a key appointment in continuing to build on the influence, standing and reputational profile of the RCP. The role’s key responsibility is enabling the RCP to have strong and evidence informed policy for influencing other professional bodies, the government and policy makers in the midst of challenging times for the NHS.

The post holder will:

Provide leadership, support and development in building sustainability into all aspects of communications, policy and research
Continue to build on the RCP’s established reputation
Be an active contributor to the strategy executive and executive leadership teams, and contributing to the direction of the RCP, its overall management and cross-organisational activities.

About the RCP
We are a patient-centred, clinically-led organisation with a core mission to improve patient care and reduce illness. As the leading body for physicians, with 35,000 members in the UK and internationally, we aim to lead debate and influence the way in which healthcare is designed and delivered, promoting good health and leading the prevention of ill-health.

You will be joining the College at an exciting time of growth and development, with the College’s commitment to opening a centre of excellence in Liverpool (“RCP North”), already in Phase 1 development with the opening of a new building in the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter in 2020. This major commitment demonstrates the modernity, accessibility and relevance of the College to our membership.

For more information about the role and our benefits please view the job description and person specification & Benefits and Perks.

Dr Ian Bullock, CEO is happy to speak to potential candidates wishing further information specific to the role and the RCP. Please contact Louise Sadler,, who will arrange appointments accordingly. PLEASE NO AGENCIES.

For any queries relating to the application or interview process please contact the RCP HR Recruitment team at

Closing date: 10 February 2019

Interview date: 18 February 2019 (London)

To apply for this role please submit your CV and Covering Letter outlining how your skills and experience match the job description and person specification.

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[Job] UK Imgng & Oncol Conf, PR services #scicomm jobs

UK Imaging and Oncology Conference (UKIO)
PR Services
Unknown salary, unknown closing date

Conference is in Liverpool but not sure where you have to be to do this…

“Looking to recruit a PR/Comms freelancer or small agency to provide PR services for a large medical/science conference”

PDF rfp – press pr for ukio 2019 final, text below

Press & PR services for UKIO Congress 2019

Product information and context

The United Kingdom Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO) is the permanent amalgamation of two well-known conferences – the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) and the UK Radiation Oncology Conference (UKRO). 2019 will be the first year that this unified event will run as UKIO.

The Congress is organised by ROC, (Radiology Oncology Congresses) a charitable partnership of the British Institute of Radiology, The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and The College of Radiographers. Profile Productions are the current professional congress organisers.

This annual event consists of a three-day multidisciplinary scientific congress and technical exhibition which run simultaneously in one location. The event is aimed at all those involved in the field of radiological science and radiation oncology and attracts over 2,000 attendees. The 2019 congress is taking place on Monday 10 – Wednesday 12 June 2019 at the ACC and ECL Liverpool.

The 2019 theme is Personalise & Humanise. The scientific programme, that promises to be both innovative and varied will create a true multidisciplinary congress, covering the widest range of topics. A very strong team of Vice Presidents and programme committee members guided by UKIO President, Dr Julian Kabala, are working to create a challenging education programme including a number of plenary sessions and debates.

The scientific programme is comprised of themed streams:

• Clinical.
• Radiotherapy & oncology.
• Research; workforce & education; policy and QI.
• Imaging technologies and informatics.
• Proffered papers.

The congress will include a wide range of topics, from current procedures to advances and new technologies, from clinical applications to management challenges.

For further information about the event, please visit

Business objective

The Congress is the biggest event on imaging and oncology in the UK, and the must-attend event of the year for the multi-disciplinary team working in the field of radiological science and radiation oncology. Specifically, it aims to:

• Offer a forum for high quality education and professional development.
• Provide a platform for the presentation of cutting-edge research and innovation.
• Showcase latest innovations in industry.
• Influence government and decision-makers.
• Educate and provide information and news from the imaging and radiotherapy field to the general public.

Communications/PR objective

ROC is currently looking for Press and PR services for the 2019 congress – starting in January 2019 through to post-event reporting in July. As this is an annual event there is potential for a long-term contract after the first year. The PR work will sit alongside an existing marketing campaign of email and postal campaigns, social media, print and digital advertising, promotion at other events, Facebook ads, SEO.
The PR objective is to:

The PR objective is to:

• Lift the overall profile of the event.
• Improve visibility of the event to the existing audience, particularly bearing in mind that it has a new identity, name and brand that the existing audience may not immediately recognise.
• Create awareness of the event amongst other related healthcare organisations.
• Raise awareness amongst the general public of imaging and radiotherapy.
• Generate media coverage in the medical/healthcare and consumer press.

Who do we need to engage?

The PR campaign will need to:

– reinforce visibility with Current audiences, including:

• Past delegates of UKRC and UKRO.
• New delegates.
• Committee members and programme leads.
• Presidents/Officers of the three societies (BIR, IPEM and SCOR)
• Members of the BIR, IPEM and SCOR.
• Industry/exhibitors.
• Existing press links

– reach and expand into new audiences, such as:

• Other related healthcare societies.
• Health management sector and press
• Scientific and specialist computer applications sector and press
• Medical and scientific researchers
• Healthcare/medical press.
• Healthcare/scientific correspondents of mainstream media.

Scope of work

We envisage the scope of services needed to include:


• Develop and expand the existing list of journalists in the diagnostic imaging and clinical oncology / radiotherapy sectors (national and international) and nurture relationships.
• Build a list of healthcare/scientific correspondents in the mainstream media and nurture relationships.
• Work with Profile Productions and UKIO leads (president/section leads and marketing group) to identify key stories based on specific programme themes or key speakers.
• Interview key speakers and protagonists.
• Generate press releases (1-2 per month) aimed at different audiences and be responsible for sell-ins to journalists.
• Manage involvement of Congress stakeholders / spokespersons with the press – including writing briefing documents, providing key messages to deliver etc.
• Work with industry/exhibitors to identify and support key stories and major announcements to be made at UKIO.
• Manage press accreditation for Congress – own the media invitations and manage the media guestlist.
• Support a press office onsite at the Congress.
• Generate onsite press materials and stories (including working with the marketing team of exhibitors where appropriate).

Digital and social media:

• Integrate online and other PR activities within the online marketing plan.
• Build online exploitation into all campaign ideas.
• Produce and help deliver a social media strategy.
• Work with key Congress stakeholders (committee, speakers, the three societies, partners, exhibitors) to integrate the Congress into their social media presence.
• Manage Congress social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).
• Write all social media copy.
• Link press releases to social media stories.
• Manage the Congress social media accounts onsite.


• Brief photographer.


• Provide timely reports on PR activities throughout the planning process.
• Produce follow-up press releases post-Congress (e.g. on outcomes of debates, success of the conference etc).
• Gather feedback from journalists on the Congress.
• Produce a post-event report of event coverage for ROC.



• Liaise with the three societies – BIR, IPEM and SCOR – on focused PR for their members.
• Manage all reactive enquiries.


• Press releases produced.
• Press coverage generated (in both healthcare/medical press and mainstream press).
• Social media engagement – pre-event and onsite.


We are looking to secure services ASAP, to run through the planning and marketing period of the conference to onsite in June and post-event reporting in July.

Enquiries and proposals

Proposals should be made in writing and emailed to

For any further information, please contact or


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