Welcome to the ScicommJobs Posterous

What is the SciommJobs Posterous for?
Short answer: It’s for vacancies and job descriptions relating to science communication (and similar) jobs jthat catch my eye and that are based in London. It’s also a store for other resources about scicomm jobs and job postings.

Longer answer:
I have some theories about job postings…

1. Sometimes organisations don’t appear to be aware that the job they’re advertising relates to science communication.

2. More generally, job postings have a very short life before disappearing from the organisation’s website.

This is my attempt to harvest suitable job descriptions and ‘trap’ them in the brief period that they’re out in the wild and make them available for longer (consequently there will be vacancy postings listed here that are out of date).

I think it’s useful to extend their life because someone who isn’t currently applying for ‘more senior role X’ might find it useful to see what ‘desirable / essential’ skills they ought to have when the time comes that they will apply for that more senior role.

It’s also interesting to see what roles an organisation has ‘in play’ – but the only window of opportunity available to see what roles are available is when someone leaves creating the vacancy. It’s a bit like being able to find out about the existence of a library book only at the point when it’s been returned – while it’s out on loan it is absent from the database.

Job descriptions do change however and so things will go out of date, however I still think it’s better to have some information about a role, and perhaps how it’s changed, than none at all.

More on this here
Thoughts on job vacancies pages

See also the accompanying Facebook group
Science Communication Jobs (mostly London)

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