[Job] Proof Communication vacancy, Account Executive, 18-24k, closing 20 Jan #scicomm jobs

From psci-com mailing list…

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Sent: 12 January 2010 12:17

We have a job vacancy that may be of interest…


Proof Communication is looking for an Account Executive to work on one of our most prestigious accounts and two new contracts. The role involves a great deal of media work, corporate writing and client liaison. The salary band is £18k-£24k per annum.

Proof is one of the UK’s most successful science communication companies, representing some of the most important science, research and engineering organisations in Europe. Our client list includes national laboratories, research councils, European Commission research projects, universities and international science facilities.

How to apply: Interested applicants should send their CV with any covering comments to recruit@proofcommunication.com, copied to richard  [[at]] proofcommunication.com by 5:30pm on Wednesday 20 January

Full details at: http://www.proofcommunication.com/about-proof/proof-communication/now-hiring

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