Your homework: Finding more science communication employers’ vacancies pages :) #scicomm

The link below is a basically a large list of links to organisations, and to their vacancy pages (where I’ve found them) but it’s unfinished. Your homework, if you choose to accept it, is to pick an organisation that doesn’t have a vacancy page linked already, and help me fill in the gaps.

Thank you 🙂

@ScicommJobs (automated feed, do not reply to)

Where London science communicators might work

I’m proposing a bit of crowdsourcing to improve this slightly unwieldy page of science communication organisations, mostly in London. There’s no particular urgency, the page isn’t going anywhere and every now and again I have a blitz of adding links. If you see an organisation that doesn’t have a vacany page listed and you feel like checking, have a search for it and if you find it let me know the URL. You can add a comment here on Posterous, or on the original Blogger post, or tweet me (@jobrodie) etc. If you had to use the search or sitemap to unearth any vacancy page it’s helpful to know what word or phrase the organisation uses (eg job, jobs, vacancy, vacancies, work for us, work with us, recruitment etc).

If you have a suggestion for an employer not yet listed – that’ll be welcomed too. Find any errors or pages that have moved? Let me know.

These are the categories I have so far – I think ‘science centres’ is an obvious one that’s missing, and possibly we should have something for non-London places. It’s only London-centric because I happen to live here (and London’s full of science communication ‘stuff’).

1. AMRC member charities
2. Other medical health charities
3. Royal Academies, Colleges and Societies
4. College of…, Institute of…
5. Other health or medical organisations
6. Other scientific organisations
7. London Museums of Health & Medicine
8. London places
9. General
10. Research Councils
12. Universities
13. Pharmaceutical companies (medical writing etc).
14. Yet to be parsed among the headings already available…
15. List of lists

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