Jinfo – a resource for jobs in information, some of which may be #scicomm like, some not

Just heard about Jinfo – ‘Jobs in Information’ which looks like a useful resource.

Their main website is here http://www.jinfo.com/

and this is how the recently posted Science Information Officer job I posted looks, on their site http://web.jinfo.com/jobs/search/detail.php3?job_id=11562&s=0&n=10&&PHPSESSID=00bc8b46a9af0e705a3801a5b0ab0f86

These will be more Librarian type jobs so plenty will be quite irrelevant, but worth keeping an eye on as many of the larger medical research charities (and other scientific establishments) have libraries which will employ science communicators.

For people who are keen on librarian type information jobs that might not have any particular link to science I’d also recommend this Twitter feed http://twitter.com/UKLibraryJobs

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