Breakthrough Breast Cancer – further info on the six jobs

Last night I posted that Breakthrough Breast Cancer have several jobs, many of which may be of interest to science communicators. I’ll post them individually, with their own job description, but thought I’d start with a home-made organogram of which job reports to which other job, and also some more background information about some of their previously posted jobs.

Once these six are posted that will bring the count of jobs I’ve posted from this charity alone, in the last six months, to 13. Two of these jobs were either readvertised or were additional positions (ie 15).

Hopefully my ‘hand drawn’ paint file will show up OK. The first four listed in the 2010 section report to each other, and the last two are similarly linked.

Note that most of these are closing on Monday 3 (I presume they mean early Tuesday morning, but possibly not).

Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Copywriter, October 2009
Communications Manager, October 2009
Policy Manager, October 2009
Director of Communications, November 2009
Influencing Manager, November 2009
Communication Officer, November 2009
Senior Policy and Information officer, December 2009
Copywriter, December 2009 [readvertised?]
Communications Manager, December 2009 [readvertised?

Head of New Media & PR, March 2010
New Media Manager, March 2010
Website Editor, March 2010
Website Content Producer, March 2010
Senior Media Relations Officer, March 2010
Media Relations Officer, March 2010

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