Student Competition to attend UK Conference of Science Journalists

Bet the hashtag will be #ukcsj… 🙂
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Subject: [PSCI-COM] Student Competition to attend UK Conference of Science Journalists
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The Association of British Science Writers are pleased to offer three free student places to the UK Conference of Science Journalists (UKCSJ) on July 23rd at the Royal Society. The UKCSJ follows in the footsteps of the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) held in London last July. The WCSJ saw nearly 1000 delegates from all around the world meeting to discuss issues affecting the profession of science journalism. Demand for delegate places at the London Conference was high amongst UK science journalists and revealed a real desire for a forum in which professional issues could be discussed. To meet this demand the ABSW has organised a one day UK Conference – a WCSJ on a far smaller scale with the focus on the profession in the UK.  Depending on feedback from this initial event it is hoped that the UKCSJ might become an annual event, and become the place for UK science journalists to come together and discuss the hot topics affecting their profession. Plans are still developing but there is an outline of the programme.

To apply, for a free student place please fill in this form and tell us what you expect to gain by attending the UKCSJ. Closing date for entries is May 31st. Please note that the ABSW would expect you to write a news report on one of the sessions you attend for our web coverage of the UKCSJ. Places at the conference cannot be held open for those students applying for the free places.  If you wish to guarantee your place at the conference as you would wish to attend even if you do not win a free place, the ABSW suggests that you register and pay now.  You would then receive a full refund if you win one of the free places.  There has been considerable interest in the conference and it may be the case that by the time you hear whether you have won or not all other places are fully booked. 

Good luck!

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