[Volunteering] Natural History Museum vacancy "Interpretation & Design", ??0, clos 20 June #scicomm

Thanks to @xmalik for highlighting this one – it’s unpaid but looks like good experience. You may also want to be aware of departmental cuts at NHM – see http://blog.the-scientist.com/2010/06/15/night-at-the-museum/ for more info.

Natural History Museum
Volunteers, Interpretation & Design
(I *hate* these weird web addressess, there’s no excuse for it surely?!)

Ref                      NHM-VOLPEG-I&D2-1
Location              London, South Kensington
Position Type       Volunteering
Department          Volunteers

Background on Volunteers at the Museum
Volunteers have been a part of the Natural History Museum for decades although the scheme was only formalised in the 1990???s with the arrival of the first full-time Volunteer Coordinator in 1994. Since this time the programme has gone from strength to strength and our volunteers are now involved in the following departments: the Wildlife Garden (WLG), the Science Departments (Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology, and Zoology), Library & Information Services (LIS), PEG (Public Engagement Group) and the Learning Volunteers (Education).

Currently, the ratio of members of staff to volunteers is around 850:450.

The Programme and What we offer
At present, there are two parallel volunteer programmes running here at the Natural History Museum; a central ???Behind the Seen??? Volunteer Programme and the Learning Volunteer Programme.

You are applying for a ‘Behind the Seen??? opportunity. This central volunteer scheme is coordinated by the Volunteers Project Manager, Ali Thomas and covers all of the specialist science departments as well as Public Engagement Group (PEG), the Wildlife Garden (WLG) and the Libraries in a ???behind the scenes??? experience.

NB Ordinarily this programme recruits all year around as/when projects arise.

For further information on the Learning Volunteer Programme please visit http://www.nhm.ac.uk/Take-Part/LearningVolunteers

NB Ordinarily this scheme recruits twice annually. This programme will be recruiting again in late 2010.

Are you ready to put theory into practice?

The Natural History Museum is a world-class scientific institution and one of the most popular visitor attractions in the UK. It is a diverse and exciting place to work, that needs bright, creative and talented people.

Volunteer Opportunities in Interpretation & Design
An exciting opportunity has arisen to volunteer in Interpretation at the Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum Interpretation team leads the creative and content development of permanent and special exhibitions and public spaces. We communicate the knowledge and science of the Museum through experiences that are inspiring, clear, compelling and meaningful for our target audiences.

For each project, we lead the creative team and work directly with 3D and 2D designers. We harness skills and facilitate the input of colleagues, stakeholders and consultants to develop experiences that deliver the Museum???s mission to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world. We shape all visitor-facing text that appears in the Museum spaces and in print, so it communicates our messages in a clear and engaging way for the target audiences.

The Interpretation team actively support Learning in evaluation and exhibition-related programmes, Communications in developing marketing materials that reflect the exhibition content, the Project Office in developing effective processes for exhibition development, Publishing and Membership in producing Natural History Museum published books, magazines and corporate reports, and Touring in promoting our touring exhibitions to potential clients.

Through our work we build and maintain strong working relations with teams across the Museum, often providing the link between departments on exhibition projects.

The role
We are seeking volunteers for part-time or full-time internships within the Interpretation department. You will work with one or more of the public offer teams, working closely with our Interpretation Developers. You will be mentored and supported by a Senior Interpretation Developer throughout your time here.

We are focussed on shaping the information, stories, interpretation and design that will engage and inspire the public from 2010 onwards. We are currently developing:

    * a suite of new permanent galleries in our historic Waterhouse building
    * a five-year programme of temporary and touring exhibitions.

Our work continually involves staff from other museum departments. This will provide you with additional opportunities to work with people from our science group and our learning and interactive media departments.

Your work with us may include:

    * Working with our scientists to identify display specimens
    * Contributing your ideas and recent experience in internal staff discussion seminars on topics of current museological interest
    * Taking part in evaluation projects on exhibition concepts and exhibits
    * Writing exhibition and associated text
    * Contributing to more detailed content research and development of specific exhibits

Note: Some of the information above may change nearer the date due to shifting project schedules; however this provides a rough outline of the kinds of activities you will be involved in and the experience you will enjoy at the Museum.

Essential criteria
    * demonstrable interest in natural sciences and the environment
    * ability to work in a team
    * excellent oral and written communication skills
    * IT Competent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
    * strong organisation skills

Desirable Criteria
    *      have completed, or currently studying for, a qualification in museum studies /science communication/ other relevant area

We will recruit four times annually (spring, summer, autumn, winter) for internships in Interpretation.

This recruitment is for the autumn and winter internships. There are four vacancies available in total; two per season.

To apply for this role you will need to be available Monday to Friday, 9.30 -17.00 for four weeks full time OR 2.5 days per week (Monday ???Friday, 9.30 -17.00) part time for eight weeks.

    * For the autumn internship you will need to be available from September ??? No
vember 2010.
    * For the winter internship you will need to be available from December ??? February 2011.

NB: You will be asked during the e-application to clarify which or both of the internships you are applying for.

Throughout the placement, you will receive valuable experience in Interpretation. You will be integrated into all aspects of office life, and are considered a vital part of the team.

Volunteers are warmly invited to attend the Museum???s induction and encouraged to see other areas ???behind the scenes??? and to visit the main museum galleries throughout their time so that they can begin to understand the breadth of work undertaken here, the diversity of the natural world and the importance of museum collections / departments in general.

All necessary role-related training will be provided on-site here at the Museum.

For more information on the Reward System in place to support our volunteers/placement students and details on Volunteer Expenses please read the attached relevant document.

The deadline for applying for this volunteer opportunity is: midnight on 20/6/2010.

Please get in touch with me directly on a.thomas//at//nhm.ac.uk if you are unable to meet this schedule for any reason and I???ll do my best to help.

NB All complete applications will be submitted for consideration and all candidates will receive a response via email to let you know if you have been selected for the role or not. If you do not receive an email it is worth checking in your Junk/Spam folder in case it went there by mistake.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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