Index of science communication jobs posted October 2009 – June 2010 #scicomm jobs

Back in January I tallied up all the jobs I’d posted since the ScicommJobs Posterous began (all of which are automatically pushed to the Twitter account at @ScicommJobs) and wrote this post The Science Communication job market, not looking too bad?

Since then I’ve posted a few more jobs and so thought that now, six months on, would be a good time to list them all in an index format. I don’t post every job I come across, and I certainly won’t come across every job available in science communication. I hope I’ve got a good range though.

The jobs come from a variety of sources – many are posted on science communication mailing lists such as
  • absw (membership society)
  • psci-com (google Jiscmail psci-com, free to join)
  • Stempra (membership society)

I also hear of jobs from jobs mailing lists (ie registering with organisations which will send notifications to anyone signing up) but the main source, particularly for charity jobs, is the list that I’ve been growing since 2003 of vacancies pages for places which might be of interest to science communicators Where London science communicators might work (since I began that post I’ve also included a number of non-London places too, including non-UK ones as well). Sometimes organisations tell me directly about a job, and other people point things out to me.

The date below reflects when I posted the job – this may not necessarily coincide with when the job was advertised but in the main it will and I’ve included the salaries too. In case anyone wants to download it I’ve attached it as a file too, all going well I should be able to update it in another six months.

I wonder if it’s remotely possible to estimate the average length of time someone might spend in a particular level of job and set one’s ‘alarm’ to monitor the organisation’s site, in order to pounce upon the job later… 😉

Jo ‘long game’ Brodie

Jobs in italics were either readvertised (either because someone left or no suitable applicants found the first time), or a second person added to post

Medical Research / Health Charities
Action Medical Research
Publications Editor (15 March 2010) ??28k Horsham
Director of Communications (21 November 2009) ??50k

Alzheimer’s Society
Publications Assistant (11 June 2010) ??20.2k
Knowledge and Information Delivery Manager (11 June 2010) ??41k
Publication Editor (internal only advert) (9 April 2010) ??27.8k
Senior Press Officer (6 February 2010) ??39.1k

Press Officer (6 February 2010) ??27.8k
Press Officer (28 December 2009) ??27.8k

BHF (British Heart Foundation)
Policy Manager (15 April 2010) ??38k
Communication internship (unpaid) (20 March 2010)
Heart Health Project Officer (6 February 2010) ??26.5k
Senior Information Officer (24 January 2010) ??30k
Research Advisor (14 November 2009) ??33k

Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Health Services Improvement Project Officer (11 June 2010) ??23k

Media Relations Officer (11 June 2010) ??24-28k
New Media Manager (4 June 2010) ??36-40k readvertised?
Media Relations Officer (1 May 2010) ??24-28k
Senior Media Relations Officer (1 May 2010) ??27-31k
Website Content Producer (1 May 2010) ??24-28k
Website Editor (1 May 2010) ??32-36k

New Media Manager (1 May 2010) ??36-40k
Head of New Media and PR (1 May 2010) ??43-50k

Copywriter (19 December 2009) ??27-31k
Communications Manager (19 December 2009) ??32-36k
Senior Policy and Information Officer (1 December 2009) ??31-36k
Director of Communications (14 November 2009) ??60-70k
Influencing Manager (14 November 2009) ??36-40k
Communications Officer (14 November 2009) ??24-28k
Policy Manager (28 October 2009) ??35-39k

Copywriter (14 October 2009) ??27k
Communications Manager (14 October 2009) ??32+k

Breast Cancer Campaign
Intern (28 December 2009)

Breast Cancer Care
Fundraising Press & PR Officer (4 June 2010) ??31k
Digital Editor (24 March 2010) ??29.5k
Head of Research and Evaluation (14 November 2009) ??41k
Editor (5 November 2009) ??29.5k

British Liver Trust
Director of Information and Education (28 December 2009) ??45k (Hampshire)

British Lung Foundation
Publications Editor (25 May 2010) ??30k

Cancer Research UK
Health Evaluation Consultant (1 May 2010) ??39-43k
Press Officer (20 April 2010) ??26k
Statistical Information & Communications Manager (20 March 2010) ??37-40k
Science Press Officer (26 January 2010) ??26k

Diabetes UK
Media Officer (29 May 2010) ??27k
Science Information Officer p/t (26 April 2010) ??22.5k
Media & Public Affairs Officer (6 April 2010) ??27k
Research Officer (18 January 2010) ??28k

Deafness Research UK
Information and Outreach adviser (1 May 2010) ??25k

Kidney Research UK
Grants Administrator (6 February 2010) ??sal ?? Peterborough

Meningitis Research Foundation
Research Officer (1 May 2010) ??22.6k Bristol
Medical Information Officer (7 February 2010) ??21.6k
Head of Communications, part-time (6 November 2009) ??30k pro rata, Bristol vacancy

Meningitis UK
Marketing and Communications Officer (1 May 2010) ??23k Bristol

National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
General Editor (14 June 2010) ??24-28k
Online Communications Officer (24 November 2009) ??23.7-27.7k

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Freelance (16 February 2010)

Parkinson’s Disease Society
Research and Development Manager (1 May 2010) ??34.7k

Media and Communications Officer (1 May 2010) ??28k
Media and Communications Officer (7 February 2010) ??27k
Research Communications Manager (26 November 2009) ??34k

Prostate Cancer Charity
Information Officer (4 June 2010) ??30.5-32.4k
Media and PR Manager (part time) (29 December 2009) ??35k

Understanding Animal Research (UAR)
Online Content Producer (29 May 2010) ??28-32k
Science Policy Researcher (2 November 2009) ??23-27k

Wellcome Trust
Head of Discovery and Engagement (30 April 2010) (21 April – duplicate, oops) ??50-60k
Broadcast Manager (21 April 2010) ??sal ??
Project Editor (maternity cover) (21 April 2010) ??sal ??

Science Portfolio Advisor (24 March 2010) ??30k
Grants Adviser (7 February 2010) ??28k

Science Portfolio Advisor (15 November 2009) ??30-35k

World Cancer Resea
rch Fund (WCRF)
Newsletter Programmes Manager (13 June 2010) ??25-28k

Association for Science Education
Head of Curriculum Development (18 January 2010) ??34-36k

@Bristol / at-Bristol
Informal Learning Manager (16 April 2010) ??28-30k

Health Research Analyst (posted 3 November 2009, closed September 2009) ??24-29k

Broadcast Journalist (3 December 2009) ??29-35k

Genetics Editor p/t (24 March 2010) ??19.5-23k

British Science Association
Science in Society Officer (8 April 2010) ??21-24.5k
Regional Officer, South of England (30 October 2009) ??21-26k

British Science Festival
Volunteer assistants – September (30 April 2010)

CABI (Oxford)
Editorial Assistant (agricultural book publishing) (13 April 2010) ??18.6-21.9k

Director (17 April 2010) ??43-47k

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Intern (2 November 2009) ??19k

College Hill
PR Account Manager (8 January 2010) ??sal ??

Department of Health
Press officer (3 November 2009) ??28-30k

The Ecologist
Editor (19 June 2010) ??sal ??

Generic science writing and communications jobs or courses (unspecified employer if they come through agencies for example)
Help me Investigate blog internships (25 May 2010)
MSc Science Communication bursary (20 April 2010)
Heidelberg: Communications intern for journal “Science in School” (17 April 2010)
UWE: PhD Studentship – Public Health, Science and Communication (16 April 2010)
Oxford: Lecturer: MSc in Evidence Based Health Care (2 April 2010) ??36-43k
Reed jobs: Senior Medical Writer (Kent) (28 December 2009) ??30k
Cambridge: Medical Writer / Analyst (10 December 2009) ??30-40k
City based Science Communications (19 November 2009) ??30-45k

GMC (General Medical Council)
Head of Media Relations (10 April 2010) ??58.3-76.8k
Media Relations Manager (8 November 2009) ??38-49k

Kew Magazine Editor (13 April 2010) ??26-35.5k

Deputy Editor for science magazine ‘Flipside’ (11 November 2009) ??sal ?? (Stevenage)

Imperial College
Head of Communications p/t (14 June 2010) ??31.3k

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (Southampton)
Acoustics related job – part time, art installation thing I think (26 January 2010) ??22-26k

London Wetland Centre
PR & Events executive (21 November 2009) ??24-25k
Learning Manager (21 November 2009) ??27-28k

Editorial / PR Internship (23 November 2009) expenses paid

Senior Press Officer (5 November 2009) ??29-35k

Mother Nature Science
Science Presenter (children) (16 April 2010) ??25-30 pounds per session

Naked Scientists
MRC Prize Internship (24 March 2010) ??1,000 award

Natural History Museum
Interpretation & Design volunteer (17 June 2010)
Brand Development Manager for Wildlife Photo of the year (17 November 2009) ??30.5k

Intern (these opportunities appear every few months) (3 November 2009)

National Space Centre (Leicester)
Presenter (16 April 2010) ??14k

Head of Publications (6 December 2009) ??30.7-37.1k (Swindon)

NHS Evidence – Diabetes
Information Specialist (9 April 2010) ??27-35k

External Communications Executive – Events (30 April 2010) ??25-34k

Physiological Society
Media and Marketing Manager (16 November 2009) ??sal ??

Proof Communication
Account Executive (12 January 2010) ??18-24k

Royal Academy of Engineering
Project Manager (HE STEM programme) (21 April 2010) ??45k
STEM Resource Coordinator (24 March 2010) <??37k
Editorial Assistant (24 March 2010) ??25.5k

Royal College of Pathologists
Communications and Public Engagement Coordinator p/t temp, (8 April 2010) ??18k pro rata

Royal College of Physicians
Education and Programme Coordinator (5 November 2009) ??21k

Royal College of Surgeons
Public Affairs Officer (8 November 2009) ??26k
Media Relations Officer (8 November 2009) ??22k

Royal Geographical Society
Communications and Media Officer (8 Apri 2010) ??22.7-23.7k

Royal Institution
Development Assistant 3mo contract (8 April 2010) ??sal ??

Media Relations Officer (14 June 2010) ??25.2-31.1k
Eye Health Information Officer (10 April 2010) ??31-36k

Royal Society
Events Officer (4 November 2009) <??25k
Press Officer (15 October 2009) ??26k
Assistant Press Officer (15 October 2009) ??23k
Manager, Science Communication (15 October 2009) ??35k

Royal Statistical Society
Coordinator for science journalism training (18 May 2010) <??35k

Head of Public Dialogue (28 October 2009) ??sal ??

Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS)
Communications Officer (23 December 2009) ??36+k (Cambridge)

Science Museum
Explainers full & p/t (19 June 2010) ??14.5k
Content Developer (2 vacancies) (23 November 2009) ??22.9-23.9k – advertised simultaneoulsy with the job below
Content Developer (2 vacancies) (23 November 2009) ??22.9-23.9k

Sense About Science
Development Officer (18 June 2010) ??21k

Society of Biologists
Assistant Editor p/t (7 June 2010) ??25k pro rata

Society of Experimental Biology
Science Communication summer internship (23 March 2010)

Society of General Microbiology
Education and Outreach Administrator (15 April 2010) ??22.7-27.9k

Society for Endocrinology
Freelance web content developer (11 February 2010) ??sal ??

St. George’s (SGUL)
Managing Editor: Cochrane Airways Group (13 April 2010) ??36.7-43.8k

Communications Manager (12 December 2009) ??41.6-46.5k

Media Relations Manager (2 November 2009) ??31-38k
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