[Job] Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, Policy & Campaigns Officer, ????, clos 10 Aug #scicomm -ish jobs

“Salary information is available on request for all positions” apparently. Bit strange… no job description in an attached file available. Apply with CV to email address given below.

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
Policy & Campaigns Officer

Job title: Policy & Campaigns Officer
Location: Head Office, Southwark Street, London SE1 0HL
Department: Policy & Campaigns
Reporting to: Head of Policy & Campaigns
Direct reports: Interns/volunteers in the department, as agreed from time to time

Main purpose of role: 
Support the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s input to the development of national service strategies, maximising the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s impact in health and related policy areas; support our national/local campaign objectives and develop our Parliamentary programme at Westminster and the devolved bodies

Main tasks and responsibilities:
A. Support the development of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s policy objectives and prepare and implement plans to secure their achievement
  • Identify opportunities to develop our policy set to influence changes in health and social care across the UK 
  • Support the development and implementation of plans to secure the achievement of our policy objectives, working with external agencies when necessary
  • Ensure the views of people living with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions are reflected in the policy objectives and plans

B. Develop and implement plans to take forward national and local campaign priorities and evaluate their impact
  • Develop and implement plans to secure the achievement of agreed campaigns priorities in addition to the policy objectives noted above
  • Identify opportunities to fill evidence and information gaps through undertaking market research and gathering information from people living with muscle disease as well as from internal Muscular Dystrophy Campaign departments
  • Work with external agencies to secure common campaign objectives and seek to influence the campaign agendas of other organisations
  • Monitor and review the impact of campaign???s activities

C. Support, develop and implement the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s Parliamentary activities in Westminster and the devolved bodies to influence relevant policies and legislation
  • Support and implement the Parliamentary contacts programme at Westminster and in the devolved bodies to identify and cultivate Parliamentary supporters
  • Plan and implement a programme of activities, including seminars and receptions, to promote Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s priorities in the Parliamentary arena
  • Identify opportunities to influence policy development and legislation in relevant policy areas
  • Strengthen the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign???s activities by supporting local campaigns and linking policy and campaigning activities to Parliamentary actions where possible, in line with agreed priorities
  • Ensure the views of people with neuromuscular conditions, their carers and families are reflected in the Parliamentary and campaigns priorities considered by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

D. Produce policy papers and draft responses to consultation documents as agreed
Set out the leading priorities of the Campaign in response to consultation opportunities
Produce policy and campaigns papers and publications to promote the Campaign???s priorities

Values and behaviours
1. A positive attitude and approach that reflect the charity???s values.
2. To contribute to the development of the charity and the Policy & Campaigns team.
3. A commitment to and an understanding of disability issues, equal opportunities and diversity.
4. To demonstrate role model behaviour at all times.

The closing date is 10 August and CVs to be sent to: jobs //at// muscular-dystrophy.org
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