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[Job] British Lung Foundation, Director of Communications, ~??70k, clos 17 Sep 2010 #scicomm -ish jobs

I seem to have missed where this job is based. There are three other jobs advertised on their vacancies page, two of which specifically mention London but this one doesn’t. Not sure what conclusion to draw from that…Ignore that, I’ve just actual… Continue reading

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[Job] Sage publishing, Editorial Assistant, ???? , clos 3 Sep 2010 via @thingy_majig

SAGE’s website hurts my eyes a bit and it uses frames – I’ve included a direct link below, with the job description as it appears on their website. First, the job advert as it appeared on The Guardian’s website.I don’t think this advert makes it c… Continue reading

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[Job] Nature vacancy, Assistant Editor, ????, clos 9 Sep 2010 #scicomm jobs

The first thing you???ll need to do when you visit the link is to Sign up so that later on you can login to start your application??? I love Nature (the brand I mean, I can???t understand a word of the journals) but loathe these small hurdles put in pla… Continue reading

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[Job] BHF vacancy, Public Affairs Officer, ??28k, clos 8 September 2010 #scicomm jobs

Previously posted jobs from the British Heart Foundation, BHF, includeHeart Health Project Officer, ?26.5k, 10 February 2010Communications Internship, ?0, closing 24 March 2010Communications internship, ?0, clos 3 August 2010Policy & Advocacy inte… Continue reading

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[Job, Chesterfield] Arthritis Research, Research Manager, ~??32k, clos 31 August

Not an overtly science communication job as you’ll be in charge of the administration of research grants.Despite there being little scicomm mentioned on the job description (beyond communicating with the research community and universities) I thin… Continue reading

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[Job] Alzheimer’s Society vacancy, Reporter 3d/wk, ??13k, clos 6 Sep #scicomm jobs

This is a three day per week job with an actual salary of ?13,048.20 (ie not pro rata).Previous jobs from Alzheimer’s SocietyPress Officer, ?27.8k, closing 15 Jan 2010Press Officer, ?27.8k, 19 Feb 2010Senior Press Officer, ?39.1k, 19 Feb 2010INTER… Continue reading

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[2nd For Canadians only] Canadian Institutes of Health Research, CIHR (health) Journalism Awards, $20/10k #scicomm

I’ve been asked to post this which means that I’m thrilled that my little blog is having something of a global reach, although I’m still mainly interested in collecting jobs that are based in London. How fab it would be for there to be similar Pos… Continue reading

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