[Workshop: 6 Sep / 13 Oct] Writing text for museums – text panels, trails, leaflets and guides.

From the ABSW mailing list…


TextWorkshop training course on 6 September 2010. Held at the British Museum in London, the day will also include a gallery tour led by the Museum’s interpretation staff.

Developed and delivered by Guardian journalist Dea Birkett and me, Rebecca Mileham, TextWorkshops are open to everyone working in, or considering working in, the museums, heritage and leisure sector.

The TextWorkshop will cover powerful principles and top tips to make your text more accessible, appealing and effective. Through real-life examples, individual exercises and group tasks, we will show you how to write text that people really want to read – and which you enjoy writing.
One of our recent delegates kindly said:

“Thanks for a wonderful workshop yesterday – the most helpful one I have ever been on. I went home last night and wrote a few labels that I had been putting off and was able to have a good night’s sleep knowing I had faced a fear.

Another said:

“The day certainly met and exceeded my expectations. It was dynamic and full of activities designed to practise what we learned.”

 These intensive and small-scale courses will help you bring your writing to life, quickly making your text more effective at getting your message across. TextWorkshops cost ??165 including lunch and refreshments, and booking is now open.

We’re also pleased to announce a new course on Wednesday 13th October 2010 at the Natural History Museum. This all-new course focuses on text-writing for trails. Whether you’re writing trails for a museum, gallery, historic house or an outdoor space, this all-new course will help you write engaging trails that really work.

For further details of these TextWorkshop courses, or to book a place, please go to www.textworkshop.co.uk.
With any queries, please email contact //at// textworkshop.co.uk.
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