Some additional job descriptions on Google Groups: "JobAds" #scicomm jobs

Around the same time as I began this Posterous blog I also uploaded the job descriptions to ‘JobAds’ – a Google Group I created for that purpose. For a while the page with the files didn’t ‘work’ and I rather forgot about it. For ten months…

Happily it seems that the files have reappeared, unharmed, and while there’s going to be a huge overlap between the job descriptions you’ll find on the @ScicommJobs posterous there are a couple there that don’t feature here, but many many more that feature here but not there.

My next ‘project’ is to marry these two lists up so that they’re in sync. This will take me ages so don’t hold your breath, but meanwhile have a wander around and see if you want to download anything.

At present I’m not envisaging that this is to be a membership group – I don’t want something else to monitor, so I’m not intending to approve any attempts to join and will likely block any joiners. No offence, it’s just a convenient file storage dump, which happens to look like a group. It may be that in future Google will change its policies in which case watch how quickly I change my tune 😉

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