11 months of science communication job vacancies #scicomm jobs

Roughly every quarter I add an update on the new jobs added in the preceding quarter to this document http://scicommjobs.posterous.com/pages/2-all-jobs-posted-here-so-far

The next one’s due in October (scicommjobs’ one year bloggiversary), but meanwhile here’s a full list, minus the most recently added in September, taken as a series of screenshots of the ‘manage your posts’ pages.

The numbers reflect the number of page views – I am yet to make sense of these as they don’t appear to follow any pattern. They vary between 200 and 1900 hits, mostly at the 300-500 mark. May 2010 was a busy month though, wonder what May 2011 will be like.

About 150 people follow the twitter feed, a few subscribe directly to the Posterous and a few by email, some will see tweets through Twitter lists and retweets, some will see them on my FriendFeed profile – and some through the hashtags. Even then I find it strange that a few of the posts would reach over 1900 hits – I’d expect that all of the above could bring in about 300 visits, but that assumes that everyone who sees the link would click.

I know that sometimes the content of the tweet is cannibalised and reposted  without attribution (ie pinched), and with an url4eu link instead of a post.ly one but I’m sure even that couldn’t account for the variance or the outlier high numbers.

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