[Job, NE England] @StoryCog, Project Admin / STEM Communicator, £18k, clos 14 Sep 2010 #scicomm jobs

I think this is the most entertaining and engaging science communication job description I’ve ever read, “made of win” etc. etc. It literally made me laugh out loud in places, and the bits that didn’t make me laugh out loud made me smile out loud instead. Not surprisingly it looks like a brilliant job.

Jonathan Sanderson has just posted this on psci-com – he also posted it on the StoryCog twitter account but I was doing something else so have only just come across it.

The company is based in NE England but there’s room for negotiation on your location if you’re not.


From the attached job description you’ll need, for your application:

  • An up-to-date CV.
  • A covering letter, giving me an idea of why you’re excited about this opportunity (rather than, you know, running away from it, possibly screaming). Also give me an idea of concerns or questions you might have, if that’s appropriate.
  • Make sure I have ways of contacting you – preferably including a phone number, with an idea of when it’s most convenient to take calls.
  • Include an idea of roughly when you might be able to start.

Project Administrator / STEM Communicator

We’re looking to recruit a (dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, yadda yadda) science communicator to take over day-to-day running of SciCast, and to help with other StoryCog projects as time permits.

This is a challenging and exciting position. The right candidate likely has some science communication or classroom experience and an existing interest in visual media, but more importantly has the enthusiasm, drive, and imagination to pick up a project and make it their own.

The salary will be £18,000 for a full-time one-year fixed-term contract, commencing as soon as practicable. Continuation may be possible. Working from home is likely, preferably in the North-East of England. For the right candidate, some of these conditions may be negotiable.

For further details and information about how to apply, please see the full job description (PDF).

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 14th September 2010.

note: we previously teased a similar position in March of this year. Our thinking about how to deliver the project has evolved since then – please read the new job description if you were previously interested, as several details have changed.
StoryCog Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales, no. 7105433
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