[Job] Form and Content Media, Editors (freelance), US$125 per 2-3page, ongoing #scicomm jobs

This came via the ABSW mailing list…

Form and Content Media

If you’re a freelancer, looking to expand your portfolio on an ongoing basis, and not afraid of technical stuff, you might be interested in working for Form and Content Media. We pay pretty well and you’ll get lots of good feedback to help you improve and the chance to do more advanced work if you’re good. Full job details are at: http://jobs.fac-media.com (pasted below) and you can see more about the company at: http://www.fac-media.com



Form and Content Media specializes in commissioning and editing specialized technical content. We are looking for freelance editors who have both strong technical and journalism/editorial backgrounds to turn scientist-written material into clear, clean, technically-accurate English, in our style.

We pay a minimum of US$125 per 2-3 page article. Generally these should take less than an hour to edit and a skilled editor should never have to take more than two hours (although you may well have to wait for answers from the author).

Three things you should know. First, this job has been designed specifically for freelancers. Eventually, you will be able to do as little or as much (within reason) as you like depending on your schedule. We’ll start you on a small amount of work at the beginning while you prove yourself and will increase it slowly over time. Eventually we may also ask you if you are interested in proofing.

Second, we would only expect you to edit articles in areas where you felt fairly confident about your expertise. Please have a look at the subject covered by our current projects (particularly SPIE Newsroom, see left hand menu) and make sure you would feel qualified to cover several of these topics.

Finally, you’ll be expected to work in LaTeX, not in Word. For PC users there is a wysiwyg program we’ll ask you to use that makes the process of learning LaTeX much easier, but if you aren’t willing to cope with a little bit of a learning curve then this may not be for you.

More detail

There’s a list of links at the end of the message that give you an idea of the “before” and “after” text so that you can get an idea of what we’re looking for. The LaTeX (of which more later) does most of the work for you, but you will have to go through the references to make sure that they have come out correctly. Also note that “before” articles are “before formatting” as well as editing, but all the basic formatting will be done for you before you get the piece to edit.

You will be editing in LaTeX. If this isn’t something you’ve done before, it’s not as scary as it sounds. There’s a wysiwyg program called BaKoMa TeX Word that our PC-based editors use: it compiles the LaTeX in real time and lets you edit it very simply.  You can try out the program for free for a month before you commit to us/it. The only problem with it is that it’s Windows only right now. Mac users instead use a free option called TexShop. It’s slightly less friendly in some ways, but more in others.

We have a system where you log into an account, choose articles to edit (only those in your chosen areas of expertise will come up) and then upload them again when you’re done. Although you can upload and download as you please, we are on a monthly cycle, so we might ask you to turn things around quicker towards the end of the month. You’ll get feedback in the form of e-mailed scans of your articles, which have been marked-up by our senior editors.

The wordcount for the articles is usually around 1000-1400 (including figures and captions). If the article gets too long then you get paid extra. We’ll give you more details about how we measure this once you start working.

In general, we expect editors to turn things around in a couple of weeks (to include time for corresponding with the author, if necessary). We will let you know if we need things a bit quicker to meet a deadline, but will always tell you that the quality comes first unless the client is screaming at us…

We pay at the end of a full news cycle: when we’ve delivered a full batch of articles to our biggest client. We use e-pay/direct deposit systems for US and UK editors, which means you should get your money within a week or so of our putting the payment through. Note that we pay in US$ or GP?? as you require, making the conversion based on that day’s rate. If you live outside the US/UK then we will send you a check in US$.

If you really want to know all about our style and see the full details of how we work, please contact us and we’ll give you access.

How to apply

Please send a resume, a short note explaining why you think you are suitable for the job, and a list of topics that you feel you’d be qualified to edit (from our existing projects) to Dr Sunny Bains, Form and Content Media Limited.

Before and after links

Note that the articles will be correctly formatted before you start working on them.

Example 1:    Before    After
Example 2:


Example 3:


Example 4:


Example 5:


Example 6:    Before    After

The topics are
    Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging
    Defense & Security
    Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing
    Illumination & Displays
    Industrial Sensing & Measurement
    Lasers & Sources
    Micro/Nano Lithography & Fabrication
    Optical Design & Engineering
    Optoelectronics & Optical Communications
    Remote Sensing
    Solar & Alternative Energy

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