#ScienceIsVital – Government cuts, the future of science in the UK, and the ‘Science Is Vital’ campaign

Anyone reading this from the UK would be very welcome to add their signature, alongside those of the first 10,000 British signatories, to the #scienceisvital petition which is expressing concern that Government's decisions about spending cuts could have a catastrophic effect on the future of scientific research and the economy.

Please consider adding your name here http://scienceisvital.org.uk/sign-the-petition/

More about the cuts and science

Background information on the Spending Review
"The Spending Review is a Treasury-led process to allocate resources across all government departments, according to the Government's priorities. Spending Reviews set firm and fixed spending budgets over several years for each department. It is then up to departments to decide how best to manage and distribute this spending within their areas of responsibility."
Further details from HM Treasury's website

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