[CLOSED] Researchers in Residence, TV documentary filming, ???? closed 10 Oct 2010 #scicomm jobs

This job closed today.
The first part of text comes from psci-com, the second from their website.
Didn’t spot a downloadable job description hence copied all text I could find 🙂


Research Councils UK and Wellcome Trust
Researchers in Residence

The Research Councils UK  (RCUK) school placement scheme, Researchers in Residence (RinR) (www.researchersinresidence.ac.uk)  is searching the North East for engaging scientists wanting to participate in a TV school science documentary whilst raising their own profile.

This opportunity will raise your profile, allow you to engage the public, maximise the impact of your research and support the development of transferable skills such as teaching and communication skills.

The documentary will be filmed by Brook Lapping, an internationally acclaimed documentary production company which produces content for both TeachersTV  and new online channel Newton HD , a perfect platform for participating researchers to raise their profile amongst the academic community.

Open to PhD students and post docs funded directly or indirectly by one of the seven UK Research Councils or the Wellcome Trust.

Researchers need to apply now to be considered, as filming starts in the mid-winter term (November). To apply, complete the application form at http://www.researchersinresidence.ac.uk

For more information, contact enquiries AT researchersinresidence.ac.uk or keep reading below.

The documentary requires a motivated and enthusiastic PhD or post doctoral researcher to deliver a project based on their research area to inspire 11-18 year olds. Placements consist of a minimum of 14 hours student contact time (supervised by the host teacher) and can be tailored around research commitments, spanning a six week period. The documentary is open primarily to STEM researchers however, non-STEM disciplines will be considered based on the strength of the project rationale. Whether you specialise in astrophysics, biology or geography, participating in the documentary is an excellent opportunity to showcase your research.

The project should enrich the classroom and include practical demonstrations, activities for the students and talks on focussed topics.


Closing date for researcher applications is Sunday 10th October

*Schools/Colleges can apply up until Friday 29th Oct. (The application period for researchers is shorter to allow for necessary CRB checks and communications training prior to the start of filming.)


Filming of the school science TV documentary will commence from late November onwards.

As placements are planned around research commitments and the school schedule, a filming schedule can only be finalised for each residency once the placement has been agreed by both the participating researcher and school/college.

This timeline is usually agreed prior to the placement beginning at an initial meeting between the host teacher and researcher.

(As long as the researcher completes the minimum of 14 hours student contact time with students, the placement itself can take many forms to allow for research and curriculum commitments. i.e 2-3 consecutive days at a school or one after-school session over a period of six weeks, depending on the individual needs of the placement participants.)

The TV documentary instalments will be short 5 ??? 10 minute videos that track the project at various intervals throughout the placement;
Beginning: Introductory video with comments from both the researcher and host teacher on project plan, hopes and aspirations for project and expected outcomes.
Middle: Progress made, activities and talks that have taken place to date.
End: Researcher and teacher thoughts on project, highlights/achievements that occurred during or as a result of the placement, any key learnings or benefits gained as a result of participation.


To participate in the school science TV documentary your PhD or post doctorate research must be funded directly or indirectly by the Wellcome Trust or one of the Research Councils.


As well as completing an application form, please be sure to also notify enquiries@researchersinresidence.ac.uk of your intention to take part in the documentary so that we can contact you specifically in relation to the project. (General queries or requests for more information should also be sent through to the enquiries mailbox.)

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