Calling all science communicators – where do you work and what’s your job title? #scicomm

It occurred to me that I’m probably missing a whole load of science communication options because I don’t (and to be fair can’t possibly) know exactly who else considers themselves to be a science communicator.

Where do you work, and is it listed at all in my list of places that might employ science communicators?

This list is mostly looking at organisations in London but there are a few from other cities in the UK and abroad, although others might like to investigate their local #scicomm opportunities and I’ll happily link to your page. My page is chaotic enough as it is! I still need to add something to acknowledge the science communication work that teachers are doing in schools.

I’m hoping that some people reading this might want to share where they work and their job title, and if we’re really lucky, their job description. The whole point of this blog isn’t so much to advertise jobs (that’s sort of a ‘collateral bonus’) but to provide an archive of the types of jobs available and what skills and experience are needed to fill them. Hopefully this could be useful information to people thinking about their next, or next but one job – not much use discovering you need to be able to do X when you’ve got only a month to mug up on X and apply for the fab new X-requiring job.

Thanks 🙂
Jo – jo.brodie AT if you don’t want to comment here – helpful if you put #scicomm in the subject.

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6 Responses to Calling all science communicators – where do you work and what’s your job title? #scicomm

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ta @scijourntrain 🙂

  2. scijourntrain says:

    Ooh, you’re missing the Royal Statistical Society from your royal section.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Lisa – BMC should definitely be there, fingers crossed they also have a vacancies page to link to, but a homepage will do 🙂

  4. Lisa Martin says:

    My main job title is Editorial Assistant at the publishing company BioMed Central (not listed on your "places that might employ science communicators" list!) but I moonlight as a sci-commer by writing a science column for the staff magazine, writing press releases, moderating the BMC Blog and freelancing for anyone who’ll have me write them science articles or edit their research manuscripts (at very reasonable prices, I might add! 😉

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