[Job] Royal Coll Surgeons of England, Information Services Librarian (Systems), ??23.5-24.5k, clos 1 Nov 2010

This is not a science communication job but since one of my own jobs e xists in the intersection between science communication and librarianship then it’s quite possible that others following the feed might find this of interest. They ask for a qualification in library studies, so did Diabetes UK but the lack of one didn’t stop me applying or getting their job seven years ago…

RSEng (Royal College of Surgeons of England, although every time I see it I read it as being to do with engineers but it isn’t) have had a few other science-ish jobs, these are what I’ve captured on the list so far:

Quite an amusing job advert which was posted to LIS-CHILL the mailng list for librarians working in health libraries in inner London.


Royal College of Surgeons of England
Information Services Librarian (Systems)

Job reference 60/10

Do you have a working knowledge of cutting-edge technology such as the facsimile machine, the tape-to-tape recorder and the Breville Sandwich Toaster?

Do you occasionally have doubts (unvoiced, of course) about the received wisdom of the chained library as a prime model of service provision?

Do you consider yourself to be au fait with hot ???World Wide Web??? developments and resources such as Archie, Infoseek Ultra and Usenet groups?

Are you a technological visionary who dreams of a day when our television sets could offer more than four channels and it might somehow be possible to watch Top of the Pops on a day other than Thursday?

If so, you may need to rethink your professional awareness strategies??? But if you???re already a Quantum Leap ahead of the game on this one, you may wish to consider the following opportunity: (I???ve squished a few paragraphs together for the sake of space.)


Information Services Librarian (Systems), The Royal College of Surgeons of England


We are looking to appoint an enthusiastic and flexible individual who will play an active role in the development of the Library and Surgical Information Services, in order to meet the changing needs of our audiences. This is an exciting time to join our team as we work to reshape our service following a recent restructuring, providing you with an opportunity to have a real influence in what we do.


As Information Services Librarian (Systems), you will ensure that the systems vital for service delivery are maintained and developed to the highest possible standards. You will be involved in day-to-day maintenance of our Library Management System, Link Resolver and Athens authentication service, and in the effective deployment of systems to support our audiences??? professional development, research and learning. As part of the wider LSIS team, you will play a key role in the delivery and promotion of Library services. You will participate in the enquiry service, particularly in relation to online resources; in reading room duties; and in the implementation, delivery and development of services and online content to support remote users.


You will have a first degree or postgraduate qualification in Librarianship/Information Studies or recognised equivalent, and at least one year???s experience in information work, preferably in a health setting. You will have hands-on experience of systems and/or database management, and have an aptitude and interest in how technology can be used to develop and improve library services. You will be someone who can work both independently and collaboratively in a team context, and think and act innovatively. You can assimilate and share knowledge effectively, with an understanding of and enthusiasm for the web environment, and you will have the confidence to work and engage directly with different groups of people.


This is a Band E post, ??23,500 ??? ??24,500 (full-time). The closing date is Monday 1st November, and we???re planning to interview on Tuesday 23rd November. Full details are available from www.rcseng.ac.uk/about/working, and the advert will also be placed on www.jobs.ac.uk.

Further info taken from the page linked at the top:

The Library and Surgical Information Services (LSIS) department provides the knowledge base for College diplomates, affiliates, exam candidates and staff, supporting surgical and dental practice, research and continuing professional development.

The online library offers access to an increasing number of el
ectronic journals from across the surgical specialties, as well as the College???s own Annals and Bulletin, and to access to databases such as Medline and Embase. Access to subscribed electronic resources is protected, with LSIS staff managing Athens access for eligible users. The main library web pages, which are open to all, gather together a large collection of freely available online health information resources to assist members in their professional activities, from supporting evidence-based practice to current awareness to passing exams. LSIS staff are also currently responsible for providing the NHS Evidence ??? surgery, anaesthesia, perioperative and critical care collection.

Those using the library in person can make use of excellent collections of current books and journals on surgery, dentistry and allied disciplines. The Lumley Study Centre, which focuses on current practice, provides an environment for study and research with access to journals, audiovisual resources and wireless internet. The Library also holds rich collections of historical books and journals charting the development and achievements of surgery, medicine and the College. These historical materials, along with the College???s institutional and deposited archives collections, which are managed by the Museums and Archives department, can be used for research on an appointment basis. 

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