[Job] Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Snr Health Services Improvement Officer, ??27-32k, clos 8 Nov 2010 public / patient involvement

Regular readers will be well aware of my amazement at and admiration for the sheer number of science communication jobs placed on the vacancies market by Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The list below contains all the jobs posted until 30 September 2010 but I’m pretty sure I’ve posted one or two since then but it would be a full time job to try and keep up with them all 😉

This particular one is more about PPI (patient and public involvement) so while it’s not pure #scicomm anyone interested in health / medicine and engagement will probably find this very worthwhile, and therefore it’s going in the archive.

Here are some previous jobs from Breakthrough Breast Cancer

* Research Information Officer, ??25-28k, clos 6 Oct 2010

* Health Services Improvement & Influencing Officer, ??23-27k, clos 12 Aug

Health Services Improvement Project Officer (11 June 2010) ??23k

^ Media Relations Officer (11 June 2010) ??24-28k

^ New Media Manager (4 June 2010) ??36-40k

Media Relations Officer (1 May 2010) ??24-28k

Senior Media Relations Officer (1 May 2010) ??27-31k

Website Content Producer (1 May 2010) ??24-28k

Website Editor (1 May 2010) ??32-36k

New Media Manager (1 May 2010) ??36-40k

Head of New Media and PR (1 May 2010) ??43-50k

>> Breakthrough Breast Cancer – further info on the six jobs << posted on 1 May 2010

>> Breakthrough Breast Cancer – several jobs, closing quite soon #scicomm vacancy<< posted 30 April 2010

^ Copywriter (19 December 2009) ??27-31k

^ Communications Manager (19 December 2009) ??32-36k

Senior Policy and Information Officer (1 December 2009) ??31-36k

Director of Communications (14 November 2009) ??60-70k

Influencing Manager (14 November 2009) ??36-40k

Communications Officer (14 November 2009) ??24-28k

Policy Manager (28 October 2009) ??35-39k

Copywriter (14 October 2009) ??27k

Communications Manager (14 October 2009) ??32+k


Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Senior Health Services Improvement Officer

Ref : 648
Location : Central London
Department : Policy, Education and Influencing
Team : Health Services Improvement and Influencing
Salary : ??27000 – ??32000

Closing date: 8 November 2010. Interview date: 18/19 November 2010.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a pioneering charity dedicated to beating breast cancer. Whether it???s research, campaigning or education, every breakthrough we make helps save lives and takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal – freedom from breast cancer.

We are seeking a Senior Health Services Improvement Officer to join our Health Services Improvement and Influencing team. You will lead the development of Breakthrough???s Service Pledge for Breast Cancer project, a highly-regarded initiative designed to enable breast cancer patients and healthcare professionals to work together towards better local breast cancer services. You will also be responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating key integrated health campaigns, working in partnership with healthcare professionals and patients in order to deliver improvements in breast cancer services, treatments and research.

Knowledge of NHS people and processes are essential for this role, as is a passion for public and patient involvement in improving breast cancer services. A working knowledge of breast cancer and a good communicator and networker, you will be able to put forward constructive arguments for campaigns and get buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders using a variety of communication tools with people at all levels.

In addition to all UK bank holidays, we offer 25 days annual leave plus all working days be
tween Christmas and New Year, a generous pension scheme and an employee discount scheme.

Apply online at the link above.

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