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Media Fellowships

The British Science Association Media Fellowships are intended to create a greater awareness and understanding of the workings of the media among practising scientists, social scientists, clinicians and engineers.

10 Media Fellows spend 3 to 8 weeks working with a national press, broadcast or internet journalist learning to work within the conditions and constraints of the media to produce accurate and well informed pieces about developments in science and then attend the British Science Festival.

Read the Application TOP TIPS


Applications for the 2011 scheme are open 10 January- 1 March 2011

Sign up for e-lerts about the 2011 scheme

The Media Fellowships have been running since 1987 and reflect the British Science Association’s commitment to work with the media to build understanding between science and society.

Why work with the Media?
Learn more about the relationship between science and the Media and how you can you be part of it

Am I eligible to apply for a Media Fellowship?
Read the eligibility criteria

How much time do I have to commit to?
View the online schedule or 2011 Schedule (pdf 103kb)

When do I apply?
Application for the 2011 scheme is open from 10 January to 1 March 2011

How do I apply?
Application is online.

How are Fellows selected?
See details of the selection process

Who hosts the placements?
Information about media hosts

What impact does the scheme have?
Read about the impacts

What’s the scheme really like?
Read reports, summaries and diaries by past Fellows

Who were awarded placements in 2010?
The 2010 Media Fellows and what they did

Why do I need a letter from my employer accompanying my application?
Media Fellows are expected to be released on full pay for the duration of their Fellowship. If you would like to provide your employer with some background information about the scheme, please print or email them a copy of the attached Letter to employer (pdf 123kb)

I haven’t been selected for a Media Fellowship this year, what can I do?
Have a look at our list of similar schemes or apply again next year. For practical ideas on how to get media experience, have a look at Why work with media? and What next?. You can also get involved in public engagement projects on our Researchers page or Sign up to receive our Scientist in Society e-lerts letting you know about other opportunities.

Any more questions?
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions

If anything is still unclear contact Amy Lothian via email or call 020 7019 4938.

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