RSS from this account is now beamed into two #scicomm Facebook groups

Thanks to David Bradley (@sciencebase) for flagging up the ‘RSS Graffiti’ app which lets you set up an RSS feed to post to the wall of a group or page etc. The last time I tried to run a feed to the Science Communication Jobs group on Facebook I ended up failing to do so but spamming my own wall instead, puzzling all of my friends.

This just adds another way that people can read the jobs, but doesn’t add any new information.

You can read it at my group here or at David’s Science Writers group here

I tried to kill off my own group a while ago when I began the Posterous until I noticed that the 30 or so members had gone up to over 300 and people were suddenly posting, so it’s rather out of my hands now 😉 It’s gone a bit quiet again now and I’d still suggest people look at the Posterous first (no login required!)

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