[Job] Gallomanor: I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here, Moderator, ??7.50p/h, clos end Feb 2011 #scicomm jobs

I think it’s safe to say that someone’s going to enjoy this one. Here’s a post from someone who’s recently joined the team and is in fact the person to whom you’ll be emailing your CV 🙂

Also, gorgeous logo.

I'm a Scientist blog

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here

You would be overseeing part of our (innovative! groundbreaking! award-winning!) online event where teenagers talk to real live scientists. You can find out more about the event on the main website.

Your job would be hosting/moderating live chats, approving questions, checking the site for errors and inappropriate content and helping to run the site. It???s actually a lot of fun as the young people are sparky and funny and full of energy. And hey, promoting science engagement is a good thing.

You should be bright, pick stuff up easily, ideally with an interest in science engagement and perhaps some experience of blogging and/or social media. The site is all built on wordpress, so if you???ve used that the techy stuff will be pretty familiar. You???d be working from home, so you must also have broadband.

Please send a CV and short covering letter ASAP (we???ll be making a decision at the end of Feb), to Rosie Schultz on rosie //at// gallomanor.com  telling us why you think you???d be a good moderator. Feel free to give us a ring to find out more about the job.

Dates: 14th ??? 25th March

Hours: 37.5/week (we???ll do staggered shifts, the earliest 8.30-4.30, the latest 10.30-6.30)

Pay: ??7.50/hr

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