[Job, Bristol] Sounds of Science, Freelance science communicator, ??30p/h (2hr sessions) #scicomm jobs

Pinched this from psci-com (I generally assume everyone knows what this means but in case you’re a new reader it’s the science communication mailing list run by Wellcome Trust and hosted at JISCmail. Googling psci-com jiscmail is usually the quickest way of finding it.

Sounds of Science
Freelance science communicators
The team behind it http://sciencepodcasts.wordpress.com/about/

—–Original Message—–

 I currently organise a regular afternoon of science enrichment on Wednesday afternoons in Horfield Primary School, Bristol and I am looking for additional science communicators to help out. As science enrichment, we have a remit to engage, educate and entertain year 5 pupils with any activities that have something to do with science. The sessions do not have to be relevant to the curriculum, but must obviously be interesting for the pupils who are a very lively bunch.

I currently fill these afternoons with a small group of freelancers that I have worked with from other projects, but I need a couple more people with experience of working in schools to provide additional support to work occasional Wednesday afternoons on a flexible basis during term time. The sessions are paid at ??30 per hour for the 2 hour-long slots, travel costs are not covered, there is a small weekly budget for materials and I require people with a current CRB check.

If you would like more information please drop me an email at
jim //@// soundsofscience.co.uk                         

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