[Job] Asthma UK, Health Promotion Manager, ??30.1-31.6k, clos 1 April 2011 #scicomm jobs #healthcomm

See website for application form, guidance notes and equal opps form.

I picked out a few of the “what you’d be doing” from the job description. Looks pretty interesting.

1.    Develop a health promotion strategy and implementation plan in order to support the delivery of Asthma UK???s strategic plan ensuring the strategy is regularly reviewed


2.    Translate evidence, including that funded by Asthma UK, into clearly defined educational messages for different audiences, including face-to face work, which will enable them to understand and control their asthma more effectively.


3.    Identify the key information gaps that Asthma UK should fill and develop with particular attention to accessibility. This includes prioritising which initiatives to take forward based on expected health benefits for people with asthma.


4.    Act as joint lead for the Information Standard (with the Brand and Creative Services Manager) ensuring Asthma UK complies with the requirements of the Standard so as to develop and implement relevant best practice. This includes close involvement in the annual audit and managing any re-accreditation processes.


5.    Lead on the implementation of the Health Promotion Review Cycle ensuring that Asthma UK health promotion materials are regularly updated, evaluated and reviewed in line with current clinical evidence and feedback from people with asthma, healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders.


6.    Verify and approve health promotion materials published by Asthma UK to ensure that they are consistent with the charity???s policy.


Asthma UK
Health Promotion Manager

    * Salary range:
      ??30,105pa – ??31,689pa
    * Closing date:
      01 April 2011
    * Location:
      London, EC2A 2DB

To effectively develop and manage the organisation???s health information products and health promotion messages in order to empower people with asthma to understand and make informed choices about their condition, particularly targeting those in greatest need. This will involve working closely with colleagues across the UK.

Contact at Asthma UK
Nasima Zaman
020 7786 4947
nzaman //at// asthma.org.uk

Human Resources
Asthma UK
Summit House
70 Wilson Street

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