Contribute to the Wellcome Trust blog #scicomm

I spotted this in Wellcome News, Issue 66, Spring 2012, page 24 in the print copy but you can also see it online on page 13 of 19 in the attached PDF or download your own copy here.

This is more of an opportunity to have your post featured on the Wellcome Trust’s blog – it’s not a job, and I don’t think you’d get paid. Hopefully it would be a nice addition to anyone’s CV or ‘portfolio’. They’re primarily interested in health / medical research, particularly work that is funded by Wellcome / taking place in a Wellcome-supported institution, so if you know someone working in that area I suppose you could pitch the idea of an interview…


Wellcome Trust blog
As the Wellcome Trust celebrates its 75th birthday, our blog ( celebrates its first. And a busy year it has been: over 60,000 unique page views and over 300 posts. We have covered everything from fish to football, synthetic biology to surgery, and the blog is still growing. The last few months have seen the blog break news about the first scientific paper written by primary school children (for more on this, see Q&A here) and further contributions from our grantholders, describing everything from olfactory cells that could cure paralysis to how we sense time based on the movement of clouds. We’ve also seen some beautiful images of folic acid and even fly guts. We are looking forward to the blog’s next 74 years…

To contribute to the blog, contact the Editor (Mun-Keat Looi aka @ayasawada):

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