[Job] Life (Newcastle), Trainee Science Explainers, ??6.45-6.67p/h, clos 12 June 2011 #scicomm jobs

Life is coooool. I went there a few weeks ago for the Maker Faire which was PACKED (in a good way) and I took the opportunity to have a look around the rest of the centre as well. Much fun to be had.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a job or two from here before but I’m at work so not going to delve into Posterous to search myself at the moment, but ‘Newcastle’ would seem to be a good searchword if you want to check 🙂

Andy Lloyd, Special Projects Manager, posted this to psci-com and I’m hoping he won’t mind me pinching the text and putting it here:


Following the recent discussions about internships, here???s another route to exploring careers in science communication.  Centre for Life is looking for new recruits to its team of Science Explainers.  This front-line role ranges from interpreting exhibits on the floor, presenting shows in our theatre and planetarium, to delivering formal workshops and outreach programmes.  Many of our Explainers move on to roles in teaching or in other areas of science communication (like several people on this list) after experiencing what is a very diverse role.  It???s how I started out 17 years ago (in the days before minimum wage).  This is a junior paid role and you can find out more details at: www.life.org.uk/about/join-the-team


Life / Centre for Life
Trainee Science Explainers
Closing date: 12/06/2011
Reference Number:
Salary: ??6.45- ??6.67 per hour increasing to ??7.16- ??7.76 after completion of training.
Contract Terms: Permanent
Hours will vary depending on business demand

Assisting in the promotion and enhancement of the Centre for Life, your role will be to make a visit to Life and learning about science, interesting, exciting, entertaining, engaging and fun. You will deliver informal education to a wide range of audiences including scripted science and planetarium shows to the general public, teaching formal communication based education activities and explaining the exhibition in terms of its context, how it works, its purpose, its place in history and current and future links to other exhibits.  You will also ensure that Health and Safety standards are met at all times.

You will be an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who is outgoing and resourceful. You will have a good general knowledge of science, excellent communication and presentation skills to communicate complex ideas simply and succinctly to a general audience. Having, or working towards, a degree or other appropriate qualification in a relevant subject area is essential.

Full training will be provided to successful applicants.

To apply please send a letter of application and current CV to Claire Adams, Corporate Services Director, Centre for Life, Times Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4EP or email claire.adams@life.org.uk  by 12th June 2011.
Interviews will take place on 22nd June 2011.

Please note that successful applicants will be subject to a CRB check. Details of our CRB policy are available on request.
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