[Job] Proof Communication, Account Executive, ???, clos ? #scicomm jobs

This was posted to psci-com on 6 July 2011 but there is an intriguing veil of mystery over the application closing date, so don’t hang around 🙂

Proof Communication

Account Executive

Didn’t find it on their website which is http://www.proofcommunication.com


Proof Communication is looking for someone to join its London team. Proof helps science, engineering and technology organisations communicate clearly with the people they needed to influence. It is a top 25 UK agency in this sector and has offices in the UK and South Africa. Our clients include national laboratories, global science facilities, international mining companies, multinational technology and engineering companies, European research programmes, and government-funded technology initiatives.

The new position at Proof is for an account executive ??? someone with 1-2 years experience who knows how to talk to the press, write corporate materials for organisations, help clients plan their communication activity, and who has an understanding for how to use digital channels and social media as part of a communications programme.

Proof will reward the right candidate with a competitive salary and benefits package, the chance to work with some of the most exciting organisations in the world, the freedom to build their own programmes of work, and the opportunity to be part of a growing business.

The minimum requirements for this position are:

??         At least one year working in a PR agency or in-house in the communications team of a professional organisation

??         An understanding of how journalists work and proven experience of securing coverage in the media by working with reporters

??         Experience of writing communication materials for organisations

??         Experience of using online tools and social media to help an organisation boost its profile/reputation

If you would like to be considered for this position please send your CV and a covering letter to recruit@proofcommunication.com


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