[Job] ApotheCom, Senior Medical Writer, ???, clos? #medcomms

Just in case you’re reading this from the @ABSW feed – any job that’s outside London usually has the location added in the tweet that’s sent. The default is London because the bulk of this feed is derived from jobs sourced from my London-heavy list of vacancies pages.

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about salary or closing date for this one.


Senior Medical Writer 

Senior Medical Writer (Chiswick or Marlow) 
Company: ApotheCom     Division: Medical Communications     Location: London
As Senior Medical Writer you will be responsible for (a) researching and developing technical material, (b) ensuring that all output adheres to written brief, is accurate in content and editorial style and can be referenced, (c) liaising with clients and key opinion leaders on content development either through the Account staff or directly, (d) attending scientific meetings where output is required. In particular, as senior medical writer, you will be responsible for overseeing outputs from other team members and ensuring rigorous quality control standards. You may additionally have line management responsibilities. This role can be based in either Chiswick or Marlow.

mailto:ClareRankin@hhealth.com@hhealth.com?subject=Apply Job – Senior Medical Writer (Chiswick or Marlow)  <– clicking on this should open up an email with the To and Subject: lines filled in, if not, I’m afraid it’s up to you to copy and paste manually 🙂
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