A blogpost on "Working in science communication" by @alicebell #scicomm jobs

Working in science communication by Alice Bell



This is a very helpful post from @alicebell whom I’m sure many @ScicommJobs and quite possibly @absw readers will already know as one of the lecturers on the science communication course(s) at Imperial College London. She also taught me! I was in a class of hers when I was doing the diploma in scicomm at Birkbeck years ago.


She’s actually written lots of helpful and thoughtful blog posts but I’m selecting this one because it’s specifically about finding a job in science communication. Nothing at all to do with the fact that this blog gets a citation 🙂


My blog here collects a bunch of job descriptions together in one place and I hear about these from a variety of sources such as the main science communication mailing lists (psci-com [free], absw-l [not sure if list is free, anyone?.. I’m a member anyway], Stempra [not free], BIG-Chat [list free I think..?]). I’m certain there are other lists and resources of relevance that I don’t know about.


If you want to pore over a selection of websites that list jobs at scientific and medical organisations in London (mostly) then please have a look at my great big list of sci org vacancies pages too. It’s organised thematically (eg ‘medical research charities’ where a science communicator might handle press enquiries or write lay summaries of funded research and ‘science centres’ where a scicomm person might have more immediate interaction with members of the public). Periodically I trawl through those and bring you choice snippets of job-related info.



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2 Responses to A blogpost on "Working in science communication" by @alicebell #scicomm jobs

  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember the lecture – it was very good 🙂 About boundary stuff I think? – I’m pretty sure I still have the notes somewhere!

  2. alice says:

    You were in the audience for the first lecture I ever gave!

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