Part-time jobs and job sharing – discussion on psci-com #scicomm

I’ve started a discussion on psci-com about part-time jobs and job sharing.

A few people who’ve got in touch with me about @ScicommJobs have asked about part-time opportunities. Lots of people are studying or have care commitments, or just fancy working part-time. 

I think it’s safe to say that there are fewer part-time jobs on offer than full-time jobs.

As someone who likes working part-time (so much so that I actually have two of them*, making up a full time job) I wouldn’t have any qualms in asking an employer offering a full-time job if they might take me on on a part-time basis. Of course they might say no and not everyone will feel comfortable in even asking an employer.

*I have one part-time job of 2 days a week and a job-share in which I have 3 of the five days.

So… I wondered about job sharing and how to (a) encourage people to apply for half of a job and / or (b) team up with another scicomm person and apply jointly and also (c) find out whether employers might be encouraged to make full time jobs more open to two part-timers.

I have once or twice seen job adverts where the phrasing indicates that they would accept someone part-time, but it’s by no means common.

Yesterday I wrote an email to psci-com to see if anyone else had heard of or even tried some sort of job ‘dating agency’ where person A hooks up with person B and they both apply for a job. And if anyone thinks we should try and institute something similar for the world of scicomm. It’s generated a little bit of discussion.

What do you think? Might employers be more welcoming if someone suggesting part-time options turns up as a pair (saving the employer from having to re-advertise to find the other half) or does such an arrangement end up costing them more money and effort anyway?

Obvious problems are where two people apply and only one gets offered the job (disappointment for person B and annoyance for employers) or even worse if both are then rejected because one didn’t suit and the employer readvertises for another pair or insists on one person working full time.

If you don’t want to pipe up on psci-com or respond publicly here then you can send me an email at jo DOT brodie AT and if I’ll collate responses and add a comment here and on psci-com.

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2 Responses to Part-time jobs and job sharing – discussion on psci-com #scicomm

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please note that all comments are post-moderated (I receive a notification) and I am deleting all comments that link to irrelevant websites. Unfortunately Posterous doesn’t seem to have much of a policy on dealing with spam comments so if this keeps happening I will instead move to pre-moderating all comments.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For jobs that are already part-time (rather than a full time job which two people apply for and share) and that are in London have a look at Women Like Us and they’re on Twitter too at!/WomenLikeUsHQ

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