Show off your science with @ScienceShowoff – gigs in London

Science Showoff

Not a job but an opportunity to network, be entertained or even be a bit blooming brave and get up on stage and talk about your science enthusiasms in an entertaining way.

You can find more details from their website from which I pinched (with permish) the blog post below but basically the first gig will be on 4 October 2011 at Clerkenwell???s Wilmington Arms, 7.30pm.

Science Showoff is from the people behind Bright Club and the Geek Calendar among other things and you can email or tweet / follow them: and @ScienceShowoff

If you???re thinking ???yes, but this isn???t a job??? then have a look at the other Resources and Events (bottom of the page) that I???ve managed to sneak into ScicommJobs over the last couple of years 🙂

Come to think of it I really must put Bright Club there too as it’s a fab example of science outreach.



Science Showoff

An opportunity to show off your science on stage (or be in the audience), in London

What is Science Showoff?

It???s an open mic night for scientists, science communicators, science teachers, historians and philosophers of science, students, science popularisers and anyone else with something to show off about science.

When and where does it happen?

Once a month, on a weekday evening, 7.30 to 10pm, in the Wilmington Arms (on Rosebery Avenue, near Exmouth Market in London). The first gig is on October 4th.

How does it work?

Every month we publish an online sign-up sheet. The first 7 people to sign up are guaranteed slots of up to 10 minutes on the night to do whatever they like as long as it has a science flavour. The organisers hold three slots for invited guests. There are three ???waiting list slots??? available on the online booking sheet in case one of the first 7 backs out, gets sick or is otherwise ruled out. No-one is allowed to book slots in two consecutive months.

What happens on the night?

We start at 7.30, with an introduction from compere Steve Cross, and the night runs in two halves, each an hour long. The signed-up performers take to the stage to show off their science. They might:

Show a film they just made
Try out a new demo
Practice a new science comedy set
Tell us about their new discovery
Perform an 10-minute play about science
Play their new song about protons
Tell us what they???ve been up to
Predict the future
Give us a taster of their science-themed Edinburgh show
Read us their latest science poem
Try out a bit of a new science lesson on us
Play us a short radio documentary
Experiment on the crowd
Read us a blogpost
Perform an interpretive dance about science

Or anything else???

Every set lasts 10 minutes or less. There???s a 20 minute intermission and we finish by 10pm, to give us an hour of picking each other???s brains over beer and to form new plans and partnerships before closing time.

Is there money involved?

No-one gets paid. There is a collection bucket, and we suggest a donation of ??5 from everyone who comes along (audience and performers alike). The money is used to pay for the room, and all the proceeds afterwards go to a charity, chosen for that month???s gig.

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