[Job] Royal Society of Chemistry, Education Resource Specialist, ??26.5-29.5k, clos 2 Sep 2011 #scicomm jobs

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Education Resource Specialist


The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Our Education team work on activities which cater for chemical scientists of all ages and produce a wide range of resources for teachers, lecturers and students, deliver training and CPD courses, input into education policy and much more. Our eLearn project aims to provide a globally accessible one-stop shop for chemistry resources. 

This project role has been created to edit and review resources for inclusion within the RSC’s eLearn web platform. Focussing specifically on materials targeted at 11-19 age range, the role will be key in reviewing current material and ensuring that this is adapted to work within the eLearn platform, as well as creating new material and ideas for developing the platform in new areas, including social media.

Day to day activities

Within this role the post holder will:

??         Review materials, ensuring that all are up to date and scientifically accurate, and suggest and create content, ensuring that it is suitable for presentation through a variety of media. This will involve analysis of existing resources and identifying key areas for development based on the RSC’s Roadmap for the Chemical Sciences.

??         Collate RSC resources into topic areas and identify gaps in materials for 11-19 age range

??         Develop new materials for the 11-19 age range

??         Ensure eLearn material reflects current areas and developments within the field of chemistry

??         Work with the Project Manager and RSC Developers to ensure content is suitable for web presentation.      

Skills and qualifications

??         A degree (or equivalent) in chemistry (or a related scientific discipline).

??         Experience of writing for the internet, familiarisation with emerging media and technologies, including interest in e-learning and the use of social media.

??         Outstanding verbal and written communication skills including experience of communicating science to 14-19 year old students and the ability to express complex scientific issues to a general audience using a variety of media.

??         Experience of working as a project team, with the ability to plan and work to deadlines.

??         Keen interest in science, scientists and the culture of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Based in Cambridge, UK. Salary ??26,573 – ??29,526.

Closing date 02 September 2011. Vacancy reference no. 11-82. One year fixed term contract. 

Contact and Further Information

Human Resources 
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WF
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 432697 
Email: Human Resources

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