Science Communication job descriptions ‘inventory’ updated #scicomm jobs

Hello all

Every three months or so I round up all the jobs I’ve added to the ScicommJobs Posterous blog in the intervening period and add them to a great big list. 

Up until last month this was available as a web page on the blog itself, on the second ‘page’ linked at the top, called All #scicomm job descriptions posted here so far (11 July 2011) but it’s now become too unwieldy to post the text directly onto Posterous and instead it’s available as a 17 page Word file to download from the same page, which is now called…  All #scicomm job descriptions posted here so far (27 August 2011)  – I’ve also attached it as a file to this post.

I’ve done this update a month early because, as you may have noticed, there have been rather a lot of jobs becoming available over the Summer – in the last six weeks I’ve posted around 90 of them. This seems to be phenomenally more than last year although I’ve not counted them systematically.

Something else I’ve also done, with the help of @psychemedia who used ScraperWiki to uncover them, is find RSS feeds for some of the job vacancies pages which are listed here. Sadly not many organisations offer an RSS for their own job vacancies (many don’t even have a page for them that you could bookmark!) so the number of little orange feed icons is pretty small. But it’s a start.

If you have a science communication job to advertise please see the instructions on what to do in the page at the top called How to submit a job description or job advert but please note that you need to attach the job description. It’s not much use if you just link to it because once the job advert is removed then that link doesn’t work. You can email the job details to the email address given and if it passes muster I’ll moderate it 🙂

Enjoy the list – we’re not that far off about 500 job descriptions now, almost all of them downloadable. Click on the job title to open the original blog post from which you can download the job description – unfortunately I managed to turn all the links black rather than the more traditional blue, but despite being a bit hidden.. they’re there.

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