[Studentships] Wellcome Trust / Imperial, Science Media studentship, clos 24 Feb 2012 #scicomm training education

This is specifically for practising biomedical scientists rather than for other science communicator types.

Wellcome Trust / Imperial College
Science Media Studentships

Our Science Media Studentships support biomedical students looking to explore a career in science broadcasting.

The Studentships offer financial support for two practising biomedical scientists to undertake a postgraduate qualification in Science Media Production at Imperial College London and follow this with a six-month placement working in the broadcast industry.

Our research shows that the overwhelming majority of the public regard TV as their most significant source of information about science. We believe that the broadcast media should represent and reflect all areas of science and culture, and therefore should be produced by people from a variety of different backgrounds.

We aim to increase the crossover between science and the media and to enable bright, articulate and motivated scientists to explore a career in the broadcast industry.

Applicants should be practising biomedical scientists wishing to explore a career in the broadcast media. Applicants must have a PhD or equivalent, some experience of science communication, and a demonstrable aptitude for working with TV, radio or film.

If you are interested in making an application, please visit the Imperial website.

Applications must be received by 24 February 2012.
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