There are some jobs at the Society of Biology – free registration required to see them

There are some jobs going at the Society of Biology but to access the information you’re required to register. It’s free to do so but I can’t really see the point of slightly hiding jobs at your own organisation behind an extra hassle step.

I can sort of see it if you’re advertising other people’s jobs as a jobs board (some organisations charge a fee so it makes sense to have things hidden) but at your own place… I’m struggling to make sense of it. Presumably the content is therefore not indexed by Google. Bafflement.

Also, if I register and log in I can access the information but since it’s not straighforwardly publicly available I’m not sure if I ought to be posting it on my blog once I’ve acquired it.
So… see what you like the look of at

Press Officer
Salary: £21,000 – £30,000

Assistant Editor
Salary: £25,000 to £30,000

and there are other jobs that aren’t at the Society of Biology.


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