[Resource] Project Science Communication jobs: List of vacancies pages of organisations that employ science communicators

Probably most people reading this blog, either by Twitter (@ScicommJobs) or via email alerts to the blog or by some other method (see the list of options in the links at the top of the page), will have heard me mention the ‘great big list’ of vacancies pages that I’ve been updating since 2003 (and published on my blog in 2009). 

Here’s the list.

It’s every bit as chaotic as you might imagine with omissions and errors (I’ve just been through all the links and found about 30 that were broken – but there should be enough information that you’ll be able to find the right page yourself (or it doesn’t exist anymore)). It’s one of my major sources for science communication types of job, organised by different sectors.

If you’re looking at it, and you work in science communication but your organisation isn’t listed please let me know at jo.brodie AT gmail.com or @JoBrodie, ta.

The majority are in London because when I started the collection I was looking to find jobs in scicomm in London myself so this list started life for my benefit. Since then I’ve added a few organisations from elsewhere but if you know of a city / country specific equivalent then I’d be delighted to link to it.

The entire purpose of this ‘project’ is to put people in the position I wish I’d been able to find myself in when I started investigating the world beyond the lab, by short-circuiting the time and effort it takes to get a feel for what’s out there and what ‘science communication’ covers. 

Next year’s project is to try and get more organisations to add a dedicated jobs page to their website (maybe there’s a good reason I’ve not thought of which explains why so many orgs still don’t have this but I can’t think what it is). I’m also going to try and persuade them to add RSS feeds to their job vacancies pages so that people can sign up to receive info about organisations they’re particularly interested in working for, and also more selfishly so that jobs info comes to me more directly.

This week’s project is to post all the jobs that have been posted recently to psci-com and elsewhere and clear the backlog.

Merry Christmas and good luck if you are looking for a job 🙂
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