Science / science communication organisations that make it easy for you to find their job vacancies

After yesterday’s post on organisations that do or don’t use a URL to redirect to their vacancies page (so that everyone could know where an organisation’s job vacancies page can be found just by typing /jobs at the end of their homepage address) I thought I’d have a look and see how many organisations do this.

I know that a fair few do because noticing them made me wonder why they don’t all do that. Taking around 100 vacancies pages (from the list I keep here) I found that about half of them do use /jobs (some use /careers or /vacancies). 

But also half of them don’t 😉

You can see the split here 

I would also like these pages to have RSS feeds and for individual jobs advertised to state if the organisation would be willing to employ two part-time people of if they insist on a single full-time person. But every organisation having a generic style for jobs pages would be a good start.
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