[Bloggers wanted] Do you want to join the Guardian’s science blog network? via @alokjha h/t @annalewcock #scicomm

Do you want to join the Guardian’s science blog network?
“We’re expanding our network to cover more scientific fields and are seeking some of the UK’s best science bloggers.”

Note to non-UK / Ireland readers “We’re only looking for bloggers based in the UK and Ireland for now” but take cheer from “Finally, if you’re a blogger based outside the UK, then hold your fire for now. We have imminent plans for you, too.”

“Our plan, to start with, is to find some of the best UK-based science bloggers and add them to the network. If you already run a blog or website and think it would fit well into our existing network, let us know by filling in the form below. We par ticularly want to encourage applications from women bloggers and people who write about subjects that are not already covered in our current mix. We’re particularly interested in space, cosmology, palaeontology, Earth science, mathematics, chemistry and genomics, for example.

You might be a practising scientist, a journalist or just a fan of science. We want to hear from you. You may be an experienced blogger or someone who’s just started. Either way we’d love to hear from you.”

More science bloggers wanted, details in the link above. Woe is me for not being a science blogger but I’m keeping my beadies open in case they want either a patient information or Twitter hashtags blogger 😉




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