[Resource] The Information Standard’s members list – plenty look likely to employ science communicators #scicomm

The NHS, medical research charities and patient groups are examples of organisations which produce information aimed at patients about health and medical conditions. People have to source and check factual information (statistics, statements, evidence) and people have to write text that’s understandable by non-specialists. All would seem to afford opportunities for science communicators who have an interest in health communication.

I’m always on the look out for new organisations to add to my list of orgs that might employ science communicators or list of orgs that have a vacancies page and I’ve found that the Information Standard website has two nice big lists of potentials to look through. See what you think.

The Information Standard’s website says…

What is The Information Standard?

There???s a lot of health and social care information out there, but how can you tell which information can be trusted? The Information Standard helps the public and patients quickly identify reliable sources of quality, evidence-based information through the use of an easily recognised quality mark. 

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