How to submit your science communication job advert or job description to the #scicomm jobs blog

If you have a job vacancy that you want to appear on the ScicommJobs Posterous blog (it’s free to post them) then here are some instructions. You don’t have to make a note of the instructions because they can be found in the menu at the top of every single page on the blog (item 5).

The menu…
1. What is this blog for?
2. All #scicomm job descriptions posted here so far (27 August 2011)
3. Places that employ science communicators – their vacancies pages (London heavy)
4. Get updates when new job descriptions are added via email, @ScicommJobs or RSS feed
5. Submit your job advert or job description
6. Seeing an error message on the file viewing window?


5. Submit your job advert or job description

ScicommJobs has a house style 😉

Jobs postings look a bit like the example below, the bit at the top is the title (when I send them by email it’s the email subject line) which also doubles as the tweet that gets sent out by @ScicommJobs and @ABSW when I publish the post.

The default setting for this blog is London, so if the post is in London you don’t need to mention this in the title / tweet, the example below is for Cambridge. You can post jobs that are available anywhere in the world though (there are jobs listed in Canada and Belgium, among others). If you’re miffed that it’s Londoncentric please start your own local science communication jobs blog and let’s join forces!

  • First, the example. 
  • Second, how to post your own.
  • Third, checklist.

[Job, Cambridge] Institute of Clever, Chief Scicommist, ??35.3k, clos 15 May 2014 #scicomm jobs
<– this will be the title AND the tweet that gets sent out.

Institute of Clever (IoC)
Chief Scicommist
The page on which the job advert can be found at the Institute of Clever – not the homepage!

Copy and paste the advert here:
An awesome position has just opened up following a promotion of our current Chief Scicommist to Head of All That is Scicomm. You will be a dynamic, go-getting scicomm type with an ability to explain sciencey stuff to people.

The rest of the advert will probably have info on location, salary details, pensions and whatnot, just copy everything that appears on the page. If you’re struggling with the formatting (largely Arial 10) then whiz the text into Notepad.exe which will get rid of all the previous formatting, after which it will then do your bidding.

Attach the job description, or if there isn’t a separate file (sometimes the text is just on the web page) copy and paste that here too.

How to post your own job – it’s free
1. First check and see if it’s already posted
Use Google to search the blog – <– then add your terms in the search box.

2. Post your job by email
Please prepare an email with the job information in it, the subject line of the email will form the title of the post AND the tweet that gets sent out. Attach the job description and / or person specification files – not doing this guarantees delays cos then I have to find it / them (if there isn’t a file, fair enough, just copy and paste the relevant info in the body of the email and add in a note saying there’s no file).

Please don’t post job ADVERTS without some information about the job DESCRIPTION. This is NOT a jobs listing blog (I know it does a reasonably good impression) but a database of two years’ worth of job descriptions masquerading as a jobs listing blog 😉

Send it to – if it looks relevant then I’ll OK it.

If you’re sending an email from your work account don’t forget to put #end after your message and Posterous will strip out your organisational email signature (anything after

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