[CLOSED, Buckingham] RP Fighting Blindness, Communications Officer, ??25k, CLOSED 29 Feb 2012

This one is CLOSED and just added for the benefit of the 'database' (I really must do something proper with all these job descriptions, especially as Posterous has been taken over by Twitter).

While this isn't particularly a science communication role I thought it was interesting that the highest qualification was for A-levels although it's also desirable that you have a year's experience doing a similar job.

I put this one in because there's been a bit of discussion recently on the psci-com mailing list about person specification requirements regarding PhDs. Quite an interesting discussion about the fact that a PhD isn't usually a requirement (occasionally it is) but that there are plenty of benefits in having one, possibly more for science communicators working within universities. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer for that though – for my second job I work in academia and haven't got a PhD 🙂

But this job seems to be available to people who don't have a first degree yet many of the skills and requirements would overlap quite a lot with what some science communicators do.

(I always feel a bit sad when I see 'previous applicants need not apply' – I think we've all been one of those!)


[CLOSED] RP Fighting Blindness
Communications Officer


(Retinitis Pigmentosa) https://twitter.com/#!/RPFightingBlind

Office based

As a result of the exciting new direction the charity is taking, we are currently recruiting for a new post, a Communications Officer, to work at our head office in Buckingham. The successful candidate, will, under direction, assume day to day responsibility for all of the charity???s external communications.

This is a re-advertisement, previous applicants need not apply.

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