[CLOSING NOW] Royal Academy of Engineering, Regional STEM Teacher Coordinator (p/t), ~??4.2k, clos midday 19 March 2012

This one???s closing in an hour???


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Royal Academy of Engineering

Regional STEM Teacher Coordinator



The Royal Academy of Engineering is seeking to appoint an experienced and resourceful teacher of a STEM subject who can enthuse other teachers and support the development of STEM in their local schools.


The aim of the Connecting Teachers project is to create a national network of support for STEM teachers, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to engage a greater number and wider spectrum of students in STEM. The role of the Teacher Coordinator involves establishing a network of local schools and providing support, guidance and training for the teachers of STEM subjects in these schools.


The Academy already has 16 Teacher Coordinators in post across the UK and is looking to add to this number. We are particularly keen to receive applications from mathematics and ICT teachers in the following regions:

?????????????????? Northern Ireland

?????????????????? North East

?????????????????? West Midlands

?????????????????? South West

?????????????????? South Wales

?????????????????? South East

?????????????????? London


Applications are also welcome from teachers of the science subjects, D&T, ICT, and engineering.



The Royal Academy of Engineering (The Academy) is the national academy for engineering representing eminent engineers from all over the world. As a registered charity The Academy has a wide ranging remit to enhance the national capabilities of engineering along with being the voice for engineering within Government and inspiring the next generation of engineers. The Academy has a world wide fellowship of the most distinguished engineers whose knowledge and expertise help shape the work of the Academy.


The Academy works hard to ensure the future of engineering in the UK by investing in schools to inspire the next generation of engineers. The Academy has done much work in schools over the past few years and aims to expand this work through a new teacher led network.


The Academy is based at 3 Carlton House Terrace in London and has over 50 members of staff of which nearly a third work in the Education Department across schools, FE and HE.


Connecting Teachers Project

The Academy has received a generous gift from BG Group, a world leader in natural gas, active in more than 25 countries on 5 continents, (www.bg-group.com). This gift will be used to develop a new scheme of school based support for STEM teachers in the UK. Building on the success of the Engineering Engagement Project run for the last two years by the Academy, the school based support will be built around a network of teachers who want to work with other teachers across STEM subject areas to widen participation in STEM at KS3 and beyond. Central to this will be the issue of engaging girls as well as boys and black and ethnic minorities (BMEs) into STEM by showing what a varied career it can ultimately lead to.


A number Teacher Coordinators (TCs) will be employed on a consultancy basis around the UK with the task of building up a local network of schools and teachers and linking in with other similar active STEM teacher networks e.g. Physics Teacher Network. The TCs will work with teachers to provide them with the tools to help illustrate to students the role of engineering in society and how engineers help shape our world and improve our lives.


The TCs will not be expected to leave their current teaching role, the TC role would typically be ?? day a week in addition to their current teaching role.



The Role Descriptor and key skills are at the end of this document but as an addition to that there are a few other important points to add:

?????????????????? TCs will be expected to build in local needs to the development of the network

?????????????????? TCs will be required to attend a limited number of meetings a year at the Academy in London along with a 1 day induction course.


Pay and Benefits

Teacher Coordinators will be paid up to ??4200 per annum (??1400 per term) which will include ??400 expenses a term to run events, attend meetings and buy kit.



Candidates should apply in writing (not using the application form on this page) to Dominic Nolan at The Royal Academy of Engineering, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DG. Please enclose a full CV and a letter outlining why you are suitable for the role and how you would set up and run a network. The CV must include the names and contact details of two referees. The closing date for applications is midday on Monday 19 March. Interviews to be held on 2nd and 3rd April.


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