For charities – advertise your vacancies free on CharityComms (doesn’t have to be #scicomm, has to be charity comms tho)

They don’t currently have a #scicomm listing – hey there’s a challenge! – but the options at the moment do include policy stuff. I suppose #scicomm would go in ‘other’ until we explode into a subcategory of our own (you know full well I’m going to be pinging jobs there now too…).

  • Campaigning
  • Celebrity Management
  • Databases 
  • Events
  • Marketing & Communications
  • New Media 
  • Other
  • Policy & Public Affairs

by the way NFP means not for profit, ie charity, ie ‘third’ sector.

Advertise Your Vacancies

CharityComms is the website for all comms staff in the charity and NFP sector. As such it is an ideal space to post job adverts which will be seen by people in the sector. If you would like to advertise a vacancy please email the following information to

  • Job title
  • Category (Marketing/Comms/New Media/PR etc)
  • Recruiting Charity or agency
  • Logo
  • Location (region/town/city)
  • Salary scale
  • Closing Date
  • Description/ad copy
  • URL link to your site
  • Your contact details

We are currently offering a web posting for free.

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