[Funded Internship, Seville, Spain] Fusion Universal Virtual School, Science Education Designers/ Video Producers, close 2 April 2012 #scicomm jobs

Fusion Universal (The Virtual School)

Funded internship in Digital Media Design for Science Education

Spend 13 weeks in Seville, Spain, receiving in depth Digital Media Design skills development producing science education videos for a global education project, which seeks to provide open access video-based education for students in the developing world. ??You will also??undertake a funded work placement with a local company in Seville specialising in media, web, or creative design.

This internship is funded through the EU Leonardo Programme, and applicants must be EU citizens from any participating country except for Spain.?? Housing and stipend will be provided, as well as language training and cultural activities.

Creative industry work placement:

Applicants will undertake a work placement at a company in the creative sector.?? At your work placement you will work on a ???Creative Project??? with mentorship from a creative professional within the company.?? You will gain work experience and insight for your own development, as well as marketable skills in media, design and communications.??

Design and video production for a global education project:

You will also receive training and professional development experience as a Digital Media Designer (DMD) with Fusion Universal Ltd.?? You will produce digital media content and videos for the Virtual School project, which aims to provide free video-based education for children in the developing world.?? For each video, you will take an audio explanation of a core concept (in Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry or ICT) and animate it, using Fusion???s digital design techniques.??

You will gain the ability to ???visualise??? concepts and ideas, making them easier to understand, and develop skills in visual design and video editing??? all while contributing to an education project that will help millions worldwide.

To apply, please contact:??bronwen.mcconkey@fusionuniversal.com??

Candidates must:

????????? be fluent in the??English language??and an??EU Citizen??(not Spain)

????????? demonstrate a very high??attention to detail

????????? have an ability to??understand new concepts

????????? have a??visual mind, enabling them to??communicate ideas and concepts clearly

????????? demonstrate the??conscientiousness??to deliver high-quality solutions ???first time???

????????? be??flexible,??creative??and have a strong desire to??develop new skills

????????? be??passionate,??adaptable, and??willing??to contribute (and excited to learn about new cultures and industries!)


Desirable skills (though not required):

????????? experience making videos, motion graphics, and/or screencasts

????????? experience in graphic design, illustration or animation

????????? experience in web development and design

????????? strong understanding of GCSE level science, maths and ICT, or experience in the education sector

????????? Spanish language skills

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