[Competition] Pulse (GPs’ magazine), Clinical Writing Competition, public’n & @mgtmccartney’s book, clos 30 April 2012 #medcomms

It doesn't specify that you have to be a GP / consultant or medically trained to enter the competition, or at least I didn't spot it, so I'm presuming that it's open to anyone. But… as they reference GPs etc writing about their clinical practice they might be assuming that only GPs would be getting involved – so might be worth checking before you set sail on a long writerly voyage 🙂



Clinical Writing Competition

Clinical Writing Competition

Fancy yourself as a clinical writer?

Do you have a passion for medicine and the ability to write clearly and concisely about it? Do you have strong views about a particular clinical area, which you would value the chance to express? Or are you keen to share your clinical experiences with your colleagues, as a means of stimulating discussion or debate?

If the answer to any of these questions is yet, enter our clinical writing competition ??? and you could win the new book by Pulse's new columnist, Dr Margaret McCartney. We have five copies of Dr McCartney's book ??? The Patient Paradox ??? to give away, to the GP writers who most successfully spear a controversy, sacrifice a sacred cow, or illuminate an area of general practice with their advice or experiences.

We're keen to give you the option of writing in any of a variety of formats, but as a guide, you might want to consider one of the following:

Clinical opinion????? give your view on an area of clinical controversy (approximately 600 words)

A case study????? detail your experiences with a challenging diagnosis or case, using either Pulse's Snapshot Diagnosis format (500-600 words) or The Information (1,000)

Ten top tips????? your bitesize practical advice on an area of medicine (1,000 words)


See below for examples. [Edit: I've not copied the examples as that might be copyright but I don't feel too guilty about sharing job description text. See link above for the examps, Jo]


To enter our competition, email??pulse@pulsetoday.co.uk??by Monday 30 April and mark the subject line as ???Clinical writing competition'.??

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