[Job p/t, Reading] British Soc for Plant Pathology, Outreach Officer, ???, clos 10 August 2012 via @LouiseJJohnson @robwjackson

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Or you can use the instructions given on the blog to post your own job – it's fairly essential that you attach the job description though otherwise posting will likely be delayed, see?? http://scicommjobs.posterous.com/pages/5-how-to-submit-a-job-description-or-job-adve??

I have to say I'm quite tempted by this one-day-a-week job myself. I like plants and approve of fighting their pathogens 🙂



British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP)
Outreach Officer

Post for British Society for Plant Pathology Outreach Officer??

BSPP is seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic person who has a passion for science to become an??Outreach Officer for the society. As part of its commitment to promoting the science of plant??pathology and enhancing the society???s activities, BSPP is commencing an ambitious outreach??programme. The Outreach Officer???s duties will include design and delivery of materials for science??publicity events at schools, colleges and universities, and preparation of a stand at the Cheltenham??Science Fair. The officer will be encouraged to make use of social media for dissemination of??material and to support the outreach activities of BSPP officers.??

The post is part-time and equivalent to 1-day/week, initially for 3 years. Salary will be paid by an??honorarium to be negotiated with the President of the society.??

BSPP is a learned society that represents over 800 plant pathologists worldwide. It publishes three??journals and a newsletter, maintains a members??? database for networking and provides funding to??support plant pathology-related activities. ??

How to apply: a CV, a covering letter and a small portfolio showing examples of outreach??activities/information aimed at children and young adults. Applications should be sent by email to??r.w.jackson@reading.ac.uk or by mail to:??

Dr Robert W. Jackson??
School of Biological Sciences??
AMS Microbiology building??
University of Reading??
RG6 6AJ??

Edit: Robert is on Twitter too -??@robwjackson

Application deadline: August 10th
Further enquiries: Please contact Robert Jackson, r.w.jackson@reading.ac.uk 0118 3788892

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