[Job, Swindon] BBSRC, Bioenergy dialogue coordinator, ??26.6-29.5k, clos 27 Aug #scicomm #jobs


Bioenergy dialogue coordinator



Reference Number



Swindon See on Map


£26610 – £29566

Date Posted

13 July 2012

Contract Type

Fixed Term Appointment


Full Time

Closing Date

27 August 2012

Interview Date

20 September 2012

Primary Role

This post will coordinate delivery of BBSRC’s bioenergy distributed dialogue. The dialogue will develop an ongoing, informed discussion between BBSRC, its research community and a range of stakeholders, including members of the public, around bioenergy research, its potential and the issues associated with it.

 BBSRC has secured funding from Sciencewise-ERC (who, in turn, are funded by BIS) towards the costs of a dialogue project around bioenergy. The funding includes provision for employment of a coordinator to manage several aspects of the project working together with Head of Engagement and Public Dialogue and Accountability Officer in BBSRC’s External Relations Unit.

For the dialogue, we are adopting a model, new for the Research Councils, for a distributed and flexible approach to dialogue and engagement on bioenergy and the issues that surround it. This distributed model of dialogue comprises a feedback loop that links engagement activities and policymaking. BBSRC is compiling a resource kit that can be used in both centrally-run activities and in local events run by BBSRC-funded researchers, colleagues at BBSRC strategically funded institutes or community and special interest groups. It is planned that feedback from these events will be gathered and collated by BBSRC. All of the information captured will be used to inform future events and to inform modifications of the resource kit. More importantly, it can be used to inform research policy within BBSRC. We are working with collegues at DECC so that findings can also inform Government policymaking. This model will allow an evolving conversation to develop between policymakers, researchers and the public.

 Job activities

 With support from the Public Dialogue and Accountability Officer and Head of Engagement this post’s activities will include:

·         Driving uptake of the toolkit by researchers, institutes and civil groups to ensure that dialogue around bioenergy is taking place. This will include raising awareness of the resources generally but may also include liaising with and providing support to individual researchers and groups to further encourage and enable use of the tools and ensure feedback is r

·         Identifying where BBSRC may need to supplement activities carried out by researchers, institutes and civil groups by running dialogue events and activities centrally; plan and carry out those events.

·         Devising and implementing a process for collecting and analysing feedback from dialogue events. Feedback will include a balance of quantitative data such as demographic information and qualitative data such as opinion cards, questionnaire responses and reports from event convenors.

·         Managing the analysis of the feedback received.

·         Using analysis of event feedback to modify the toolkit and subsequent events that are developed.

·         Developing and managing the production on any additional resources and other materials to supplement the toolkit.

·         Distilling findings from across the dialogue events in order to provide input to policymaking within and outside of BBSRC.

·         Supporting the presentation and dissemination of findings to diverse audiences including researchers, policymakers and Research Council management

To apply visit http://topcareer.jobs/Vacancy/irc56807_2034.aspx

Person specification


Experience of managing and delivering public dialogue and engagement activities (particularly events with a strong discursive element and experience of a range of audiences from schools to families, and adults)

Experience of evaluating public dialogue and engagement activities using robust methodologies to generate evidence-based conclusions.

Evidence of good written and oral communication skills including an ability to communicate with a variety of audiences

Evidence of good interpersonal skills and demonstrable ability to work at all levels

Evidence of awareness of current public engagement issues and best practice

Ability to self manage time as well as being self motivated with the ability to drive projects to completion

Flexibility to attend meetings and events outside of normal working hours and at weekends, and to travel within the UK with occasional overnight stays

Demonstrable ability to work as part of a team

Educated to degree level or equivalent experience


Qualification in science communication, social science or similar discipline

Experience of the policymaking process

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