[Committee Member] British Ecological Society, Education, Training & Careers Committee – clos 2 Sep 2012

British Ecological Society (BES)

Vacancies for Education, Training and Careers committee

The Education, Training and Careers Committee ( ETCC) will have two vacancies from December 2012. The committee has a broad remit and maintains a diverse skills set through it's membership. We are currently inviting applications to the committee and particularly welcome applications from PhD students to fill one of the vacancies.

Membership of the committee is 3 years and can be renewed for an additional 3 to 6 years. The committee meets in February, May and October each year usually at Charles Darwin House and all reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed.

Current projects and activities of the committee include

Education policy including promotion of fieldwork, curricula dvelopment for schools, A-level Biology development , transition to HE and supporting the development of Society of Biology accrediated courses.
Centenary projects include the publication of a series of wall charts, asociated resources and national competition.
Undergraduate fellowship scheme and undergraduate career support.
Development of greater support and training for PhD students through workshops and training bursary scheme.
Equality and Diveristy in ecological science.
Teacher training and developing ecological knowledge in the schools sector.
If you would like further detail about the work of the committee please contact the Education Officer. Applications should include a CV and brief summary of your interest in the work of the committee.

Deadline for applications 2nd September 2012.
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